How to complete Absconder Encounter in Hogwarts Legacy

Not for those with a fear of spiders.

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There are plenty of people in Hogwarts Legacy that need the help of a capable witch or wizard. With so many tasks to accomplish, it is easy to find those in need. One such person is Edgar Adley who lives in the town Aranshire. He and a friend were in the Forbidden Forest when his friend Milo was killed by a massive spider known as The Absconder. This beast must be stopped and it is up to you to take it down. This guide will show you how to complete Absconder Encounter in Hogwarts Legacy.

Absconder Encounter walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

This side quest is able to be found by traveling to the eastern side of the map to the town of Aranshire. You will find Mr. Adley at one of the shop stands since he is a shop owner. Speak with him and he will ask you to take on The Absconder and get his friend’s watch back. This won’t be an easy fight. Make sure to stock up on Wiggenweld Potions before you leave. We also recommend you be around level 30 before taking on this quest since the boss is quite difficult.

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After speaking with Edgar, follow the path to the Forbidden Forest. It will lead to a Spider Lair within the woods. As you progress through the lair, you will come across a purple search area. In the center of the area is where you will find The Absconder. Make sure to have a fire spell equipped to burn any spider webs that get in your way. Fire is also great to use against spiders.

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The fight against The Absconder is very difficult and can easily be overwhelming. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. When The Absconder starts stomping on the ground, it will summon allies to aid it. You can prevent this by launching a rock from the environment at the boss. The boss has one attack that it prefers to use which is a fast-paced bite. This attack isn’t blockable so make sure to dodge when you see the red mark on your head.

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Take advantage of the large tree in the center to separate yourself from the boss when needed and try your best to attack it from a distance. The boss will attack more often if you are close to it. Once The Absconder is defeated, go to the back of the arena and ignite the web. Behind the web, you will find the pocket watch left behind by Edgar’s friend. After getting the pocket watch, bring it back to Edgar and the quest will be complete.