All Infant Quirks in The Sims 4: Growing Together

A Happy Spitter could make or break your clean household.

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The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack makes family gameplay feel more lively than ever before. However, the life-stage getting the biggest overhaul is the infants. Newly added to the game, a sim’s time as an infant creates the foundation for the rest of their life. They have fresh learning milestones, new family interactions, and even their own special Quirks. Here’s how to be prepared for any fun or daunting Quirk the game throws at you and your little sim.

What are Infant Quirks in The Sims 4?

A big part of The Sims 4: Growing Together pack is fleshing out sim interactions and lives. Since the newly added infants don’t have many traits like older sims, they get little quirks to help round out their personalities. You’ll be able to discover these Quirks as your infants grow. For example, if they keep struggling to fall asleep, you might discover they have the “Hates Bedtime” Quirk. Infant sims can develop up to three Quirks as you play. In The Sims 4: Growing Together, there are 18 Quirks, including:

  • Early Riser
  • Feeding Tinkler
  • Free-Air Tinkler
  • Frequently Hiccups
  • Frequently Sneezes
  • Gassy
  • Good Appetite
  • Happy Spitter
  • Messy Eater
  • Hates Wakeup Time
  • Loves Being Held
  • Picky Eater
  • Self-Soother
  • Snuggly Sleeper
  • Hates Bedtime

Many of these Quirks will affect how you interact with your infant. You might have to be more careful feeding a “Picky Eater”, or be quick to give them their favorite toy if they “Hates Wakeup Time”. For people who crave more dynamic gameplay and sims families, Quirks are a game-changer.

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Do Toddlers get Quirks in The Sims 4?

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If you ever thought that toddler gameplay was decidedly lacking, Quirks are here to save the day. The toddler Quirk options are a little different from Infant Quirks, too. After all, toddlers are quite a bit more mobile. One minute they could be playing in the toilet, and the next second you’ll find out they have the “Loves Water” Quirk. Some Toddler Quirks include:

  • Aggressive
  • Charmer
  • Little Singer
  • Loves being Carried
  • Loves Water

Can You remove Quirks in The Sims 4?

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Luckily, if you absolutely cannot stand your infant sim demanding to be carried all the time, you can remove Quirks. All you have to do is click on your sim and select the Pack Cheats options. From there, go to Expansion Packs, where you’ll find EP13: Growing Together. Once you click on Infant Quirks under the Growing Together prompt, you’ll get a pop-up. It will let you either Remove Quirk or Add Discoverable Quirk. So, you can either encourage your little sim to become a “Little Singer” or make sure to get rid of their “Frequently Hiccups” Quirk.