All Island Boss locations in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur

They’re technically on islands.

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In Ark: Survival Evolved’s latest map, Fjordur, players are taken to a Norse-inspired world of islands, Realms, and danger. Players must embark on a perilous journey across the landscape and fight off large and small creatures. However, Fjorudur is not the standard map from Ark; it offers much more content and locations. Featuring an all-new tiered boss-fight system, progressing in Ark takes time and dedication to complete. This guide will explain where to find The Island boss Terminals.

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What are The Island bosses?

Like the Mini-Bosses, there are three Island bosses that you need to kill in order to obtain the items for the final boss fight on Fjordur. The bosses you will need to kill are the Broodmother, Megapithicus, and Dragon. Killing these three will grant you access to their trophies which you’ll use in the Terminal to summon the final Fjordur boss.

Where to find the Broodmother Lystrix Terminal on Fjordur

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The giant spider is known for her annoying Torpor dealing attacks and many Araneo minions that she sends after you. Players need to remain on the Midgard or main part of the map to access this boss fight. The Broodmother cave entrance is located at the following coordinates 57.2 – 66.0. You’ll need to head in here and progress until you find the Terminal.

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Where to find the Megapithicus Terminal on Fjordur

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The Megapithicus is a giant monkey that throws huge boulders at you. This boss is tanky, which means you’ll need to hit him hard for a more extended period of time. The coordinates for the Megapithicus cave entrance are 56.9 – 84.9. You can take either of the routes in this cave to reach the Terminal.

Where to find the Dragon Terminal on Fjordur

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The Dragon is the most dangerous of all the bosses if you’re using Rexes to fight. This is because it does increase damage against carnivorous foes with its fire breath. To find the entrance to the Dragon Terminal, you’ll need to go to the following coordinates 86.2 – 05.1. It’s on the other side of the Mines of Moria in a small room tucked on your left-hand side before you cross the bridge.