All Island Hopper quests and rewards in Fortnite

Half a dozen islands with goodies up for grabs.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite never runs out of ways to challenge its players and reward them for their efforts. Right now, there are six special Island Hopper challenges and the same number of rewards to earn for clearing them. Below you’ll find each island challenge and the code to download it in Fortnite’s Creative mode. They won’t be around forever though: the challenges expire Wednesday, July 6 at 10 AM ET / 7 AM PT.

All Island Hopper quests in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

One Trigger 100 Days (2668-5883-1928)

This is a survival map for one to four players. Stay alive long enough to collect 3,000 resources to complete the challenge. You don’t have to beat the boss at the end of the 100 days, but you can if you want to.

Parkour Universe (0111-3743-0305)

This is a series of platforming challenges where you’ll have to “run, slide, and jump your way through the different worlds.” Parkour Universe has its own set of achievements, and unlocking any three of them completes the challenge.

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Blimp Wars (0245-9239-2638)

Blimp Wars pits players against each other across a series of — you guessed it — blimps in the sky. This can be done in a solo free-for-all or 12v12 battle. Use eight Vending Machines during Blimp Wars matches to complete the challenge.

Color Dash (0321-8998-8494)

In Color Dash, every player is in control of a car, driving across a series of colored tiles. When a color is called out, you have to quickly speed over to a matching tile before the time runs out, and of course, it gets faster and faster as the game goes on. Like Parkour Universe, Color Dash has its own internal set of achievements, and you can complete the challenge by unlocking any three of them.

Ultimate Murder Mystery (0124-5841-7849)

Ultimate Murder Mystery is like the party game Mafia: one person is the sheriff, one person is the hunter, and everyone else is an innocent. The hunter wants to take everyone out, and the rest of the players want to identify and arrest them. The challenge here is to collect 50 coins or get 5 melee kills, so you can complete it whether you’re playing as the hunter or not.

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall (1234-1679-1165)

Finally, we have Prop Hunt: Modern Mall, the latest iteration of the popular game mode. Prop Hunt is all about hiding in plain sight, but the challenge here is to eliminate three prop opponents.

All Island Hopper Rewards in Fortnite

Just as there are six islands to hop across, there are six different rewards to earn. What’s nice is that you can complete any combination of island challenges to get them. Clear one, and you’ll get the Raven spray and GG emoticon. Complete three, and you’ll earn the Tropical Infrared Wrap (left in the image above) and Ravage spray. Finish all six island hopper challenges, and you’ll get the remaining rewards pictured above. That’s the Macaw Darkwing’s back bling in the middle and the Tropic’s Beak pickaxe on the right.