How to complete The Nindo 2022 Naruto quests in Fortnite

Finish a variety of challenges to unlock a new Glider and much more.

Image via Epic Games

Although Naruto items in Fortnite have traditionally made their way to the Item Shop, players can now net several cosmetics without spending a single V-Buck. This is all thanks to a new event known as The Nindo 2022 that tasks players with completing four different challenges. However, unlike past events in the battle royale, these challenges won’t be found in-game. Here’s how to do The Nindo 2022 quests to unlock new Naruto cosmetics.

All The Nindo 2022 challenges in Fortnite

Players can begin The Nindo 2022 event by heading to its dedicated webpage and logging into their Fortnite account. From there, four different unlock paths will be shown that will track your challenge progress towards badges and the cosmetics they reward. Those who collect one badge in a specific path will earn an Emoticon, while 10 badges will complete a single path and reward the Akatsuki weapon wrap. Players able to finish all four paths will then be given the Manda Glider.

You can find each path’s specific challenge for their badges below.

  • Path of Itachi: Finish Top 6 five times
  • Path of Gaara: Survive 24 Storm Circles
  • Path of Hinata: Catch 20 Fish
  • Path of Orochimaru: Eliminate 18 enemies

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Additionally, these challenges will only be tracked when performed in the Battle Royale and Zero Builds playlists, including Solos, Duo, and Trios. The event is currently scheduled to run until July 7 at 12 PM ET, but those unable to complete it can purchase the Akatuski weapon wrap and Manda Glider at a later date.

As eliminating 18 enemies and finishing in the Top 6 can be painfully difficult, we recommend players speak to NPCs that can be hired. This will allow you to use them as teammates and should make gunfights much more of a breeze. The latest season also holds several excellent landing spots, like Rave Cave, that almost always guarantee top-tier weapons and health supplies.