All La Joya FND Base location in Far Cry 6

Take out some FND Bases and secure a foothold in La Joya.


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FND Bases are the new Outposts in Far Cry 6. Just like Outposts in previous games, FND Bases are swarming with enemies. If you get caught, alarms will sound if the enemies aren’t taken out fast enough. That will lead to multiple waves of reinforcements that you will need to deal with.

There are two FND bases in the higher-ranked area of La Joya. This is the northeastern section of El Este. The two FND Bases in this are the McKay Global Acid Plant and CCE Electrical Station 31. Surprisingly, these locations are easier to take over than most other FND Base locations.

McKay Global Acid Plant

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Located in the southwest of La Joya, the McKay Global Acid Plant is right next to a road and easily accessible. There are multiple snipers in this location that are sitting atop the metal canisters. The easiest way to tackle this base is to climb the cliffs next to it. From here, you can use a sniper rifle to take out every enemy in the area.

This area has three alarms. One is located near the hill on the metal walkways, one is located on the other side by the large tank, the final one is located in the side building with the locked door. After clearing out the base, you can find the FND Cache in the locked room in the building next to the NPC selling Juan’s goods.

CCE Electrical Station 31

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This base is located in the northern section of the region next to the Catalina Ridge Checkpoint. If you have the checkpoint unlocked, you can easily airdrop or drive over to the base. Similar to the McKay Global Acid Plant, there is a nearby hill that can be used to scout out the area. It is harder to take out all the enemies from this location because of the building.

Be careful of the multiple armored enemies in the area. Make sure to also bring armor-piercing rounds to deal with them. The alarms can be found by the garage door of the factory, in the main room of the factory attached to a column, and the last one is in the side room by the double doors. The FND Cache in this area is located in the locked security booth at the entrance.