All Leaked Fortnite OG Map Battle Pass Skins & Cosmetics

This guide covers the many leaked cosmetics and skins we can expect to appear for the upcoming Fortnite OG Map update.

fortnite og battle pass skins

Ahead of Fortnite’s next update, the team is slowly teasing out what returning content players can expect to see in the upcoming OG Map update. Fortnite’s OG Map will have plenty of throwback material, including several returning skins and cosmetics.

These skins and cosmetics can be earned by completing special challenges that appear during the event, and several of them will be available in the upcoming battle pass. To get players amped for the return to Season 1, the Fortnite team has released images highlighting some of the content. Here’s what you need to know about all the leaked Fortnite OG Map Battle Pass skins and cosmetics you can expect to see in the OG Map update.

Every Leaked Skin & Cosmetic in Fortnite’s OG Map Battle Pass Update

Image via Epic Games

One of the larger images that is being shared ahead of Fortnite’s OG Map release has been released by the official Fortnite Twitter Page. It’s not a huge teaser and doesn’t offer anything beyond an image, but there’s a lot we can glean from this picture, such as several returning skins that fans should be excited about getting. We imagine we’ll be getting additional images as this week continues, drawing closer to the official release of the Fortnite OG Map this Friday, November 3, 2023.

From what we can see from the first image, the notable cosmetics are going to be the return of Peely, which was initially released during Chapter 1, Season 8. We can see Peely on the left side of the image. Behind Peely, we have Team Leader, who appeared during Chapter 1, Season 3, and will likely be available as a Battle Pass reward. Finally, the more difficult of the trio to see is the Ragnarok skin, but we can only see the horns sticking out from the bottom middle of the image.

Those are the first three skins that we can see from the official Fortnite teaser from the initial teaser. There are also several returning objects in that image, such as the return of the original Assault Rifle, the Shopping Cart, and the mounted turret, appearing in the background. However, more images have continued to come out, shared by various sources on Twitter.

The second image appears to feature Ballers as a returning vehicle, and we have a decent image of Black Knight, which was an outfit you can unlock during Chapter 1, Season 2. There have also been pictures of the LMG, a returning favorite weapon for many Fortnite players.

What Are The Fortnite OG Battle Pass Skins?

There are five skins in the Fortnite OG Battle Pass, each a mixture of two of the Battle Royal’s most iconic skins.

  • Peely x Lil Whip
  • Omega x Ragnarok
  • Team Leader x Raven
  • Lynx x Renegade Raider
  • Spectra Knight (Customizable Red Knight)

Full Fortnite OG Cosmetics & Battle Pass Leaks

Following these official announcements, a slew of leaks have come out, and it looks like we have a full breakdown of the upcoming battle pass coming to Fortnite to celebrate the return to the OG. These leaks share the full cosmetics we can expect on the 50 Rewards battle pass and everything you can earn.

Including the above cosmetics that were shared, we have an in-depth look at the final reward coming to Fortnite’s OG Pass, the Spectra Knight. It will have full-color options for players, offering a range of unique options.

A broader look at the Fortnite OG Battle Pass was provided by HYPEX and can be seen above.