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All legendary weapons in Octopath Traveler 2 and where to find them

400 damage in one hit.

Octopath Traveler 2’s got weapons galore, and the icing on the cake is its legendary weapons. Hidden in plain sight and guarded by beasts that’ll make your hair stand on end, these powerful tools of destruction are the stuff of legends. With each of the eight playable characters possessing a one-of-a-kind weapon, you can bet your bottom dollar that the gameplay will get much deeper and more compelling. And if you’re looking to wield all eight legendary weapons? Let’s say it will take a ton of elbow grease.

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How to get all legendary weapons in Octopath Traveler 2?

Legendary Weapons are secretly tucked away in each region, shrouded in secrecy and mystique. With a bit of savvy sleuthing, you can track them down. You could start by cozying up to the guild masters and coaxing hints out of them. Then, just chat them up, choose the “Hear more information” option, and grill them about those elusive Legendary Weapons. If you’d instead just get your characters right to it, we have compiled a list of all legendary weapons and their locations for you.

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Double Tomahawk

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If you want to add the Double Tomahawk to your swashbuckling arsenal, hoist the sails and set a course for the treasure chest bobbing The Sundering Sea’s southwest portion. To get there faster, you can fast travel to Canalbrine in the Harborlands and chart a course straight to the chest. Of course, you must acquire a seaworthy vessel to make the journey. Luckily, once you complete Partitio’s Scent of Commerce Quest you’ll be the proud owner of a ship fit for any pirate worth their salt.

Exorcising Bow

Screenshot by Gamepur

To acquire the Exorcising Bow, you must channel your inner thief and employ Throne’s Path Action to swipe it from the Elderly Soldier’s Possessions. The old geezer is hoarding the bow near Timberain’s castle square in the Leaflands, so be sure to keep your wits about you. But don’t think you can just waltz in and grab it — you must level up your Throne to at least 60 if you want an 80% chance of success. 

Fire Dragon’s Glaive

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get your hands on the Fire Dragon’s Glaive, you must sneak into a Secret Room inside the Decaying Temple in Hinoeuma. Here’s the plan: ditch your party at a Tavern and make your way to the temple solo. Once inside, head to the save point and take the stairwell to the upper floor on the left. At the northwestern portion of the area, activate the scroll to unveil the secret room. But beware — the dragon’s glaive won’t come easy, so be prepared to face whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Forbidden Blade

Screenshot by Gamepur

The notorious Forbidden Blade is hidden in a treasure chest in the eerie Forsaken Graveyard in the Crestland Region. But before you start daydreaming about slicing and dicing with this powerful weapon, there’s a catch: you’ll have to face off against the Devourer of Dreams boss to even get near the chest. And even then, there’s a chance the blade might backfire and buff your opponent’s physical attack instead. But hey, nothing worth having ever comes easy, right?

Mooneater Dagger

Screenshot by Gamepur

To score the coveted Mooneater Dagger, you must use Throne’s Path Action to filch it from the Ruin Vessel at the Lost Seed’s door in Brightlands. But don’t get too confident — you’ll need to level up your Throne to 60 for an 80% chance of success. Oh, and one more thing — you’ll need to finish Chapter 4 from Throne to unlock this area.

Stone of Truth

Screenshot by Gamepur

Don’t think the Stone of Truth will just be handed to you — you’ll need to trigger a secret bridge fall inside the Winterlands’ Beneath the Wall. You can only do this if you’ve got at least 7 party members. To pull this off, you must use the Talent Powers Hire, Allure, Guide, and Befriend to recruit your dream team. Once your crew is sorted, make your way to Beneath the Wall and get past the bridge. Once it collapses, a hidden area underneath will be revealed. But beware! A boss is guarding the chest that holds the Stone of Truth. 

Sunshadow Staff

Screenshot by Gamepur

Suppose you’re looking to add some serious firepower to your arsenal. In that case, the Sunshadow Staff is waiting for you in Western Gravell Wilds. Though you’ll need to be a night owl to get it. Use your map to fast travel to the Wildlands’ Gravell and exit the town. Shift to nighttime and kill time until dawn — a boy will appear, strolling to the cliff. Cast Path Action from Temenos on the boy, and you’ll be thrown into a showdown against a shadow. This sucker is weak to Light, Electric, and Staff-based attacks, so bring your A-game and take it down to claim your prize.

Vest of Joy

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you fancy decking yourself in a Vest of Joy, you must earn it by conquering the A Girl’s Request quest. To get started, seek out the Apathetic Girl loitering in a graveyard on the fringes of Conning Creek in Harborlands.

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