All LEGO Fortnite Village Tiers, Bonuses, & Upgrade Costs

Build and level up your villages to collect all the villagers available and have them help in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite Village Square

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Building up your village is key in LEGO Fortnite if you want to explore everything this world has to offer. Grow the village to gain more villagers as helping hands and more crafting items to boost survival capabilities.

LEGO Fortnite has an Animal Crossing-like structure that creates a village and invites characters to live there. The best part about this sandbox game is that villagers will be able to help craft items and forage easier to grab materials while players are out exploring and collecting rarer materials. To do this, players will need to collect and craft specific items to level up the village and earn help.

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LEGO Fortnite Village Level 1 & 2

LEGO Fortnite Village level 2
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Players start LEGO Fortnite with a Level 1 village. In the beginning, players can add one other member to their village, equip villagers with a health charm, and explorers frequently visit the village.

Note: Remember to make a bed for each villager or they will not stay at all.

To reach Level 2, players must get the following materials. Thankfully, these materials are the easiest to acquire, making it very simple to get to Level 2 right away.

  • 15x Wood
  • 15x Granite

Level 2 unlocks the ability for villagers to forage nearby and refine wood and stone materials. Players can also add an additional villager as a permanent resident to their village.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 3

LEGO Fortnite village level 3
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To reach Level 3, players need to start crafting materials. Players need to make the Lumber Mill to make wood planks. The materials needed to get to Level 3 are the following.

  • 10x Planks
  • 20x Granite

Once the players’ village is at Level 3, the villagers begin bringing back gifts.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 4

LEGO Fortnite village level 4
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To reach Level 4, players must start looking for other materials besides the basic wood and granite abundant around the area. From here on, finding the necessary materials increases in difficulty. Players need the following materials.

  • 10x Knotroot
  • 20x Planks
  • 20x Granite

Knotroot can be located in caves in the Grassland biome. Be prepared to venture farther away from the village by bringing weapons and food as needed.

Once Level 4 is unlocked, players can assign villagers to cook, extract seeds, and tend to dirt plots. It’s time to farm and move on from hunter and gatherer. Villagers assigned to woodcutting can produce more wood types.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 5

LEGO Fortnite village level 5
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To reach village Level 5 in Lego Fortnite, players need the following materials.

  • 15x Knotroot
  • 20x Planks
  • 15x Marble

Marble, like Knotroot, is located in the caves in the Grassland biome. However, players need a stronger pickaxe made of Knotroot to mine it.

Level 5 will open up the village for rarer explorers to visit and possibly stay to live. With this, players will be able to add another NPC to live in their village. Villagers will also gain a bonus for their health and defense.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 6

LEGO Fortnite village level 6
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Players need the Stone Breaker to make the materials needed to level up their village to Level 6. Players need the following materials.

  • 20x Knotroot
  • 30x Granite Slabs

When the village reaches Level 6, villagers can smelt metal, refine textiles, and collect gems. Villagers assigned to stone cutting will be able to produce more types of stone.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 7

LEGO Fortnite village level 7
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Level 7 requires the following materials to unlock.

  • 20x Knotroot rods
  • 20x Marble Slabs

Nothing too much happens at level 7. However, villagers start bringing back more unique gifts. In addition, more uncommon item recipes are unlocked and can be accessed in the building menu.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 8

LEGO Fortnite village level 8
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The materials to reach Level 8 introduce the need for gems. The following materials are needed to reach the next level.

  • 30x Marble Slabs
  • 10x Rough Amber

Amber is located located in the desert biome. Make sure to be prepared to traverse through this hot area with the right foods to keep cool and tools to mine Amber.

Players will be able to add another villager to live there permanently and be assigned a task.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 9

LEGO Fortnite village level 9
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The materials needed to obtain Level 9 are much more tricky to get. Players will also need the Gem Cutter. The following materials are needed.

  • 15x Flexwood
  • 15x Obsidian
  • 10x Cut Amber.

Flexwood can be gathered by cutting down the cacti in the desert biome. Obsidian can be found in the caves of the desert biome. Luckily, players can gather both comparatively quickly because they are in the same region.

When the village hits Level 9, villagers will be able to forage in other biomes. Wood and stone cutters will be able to produce more wood and stone types as well.

LEGO Fortnite Village Level 10

LEGO Fortnite village level 10
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Level 10 is the max level that the village can reach. Players need the following materials to reach Level 10.

  • 15x Flexwood Rods
  • 30x Obsidian
  • 20x Cut Amber

Players will be able to add the fifth villager to their village, maxing out the number of villagers allowed to live in the village. More building recipes will be unlocked as well.

Players will not be able to build another village square close by to try and make a bigger village or a city. But they will be able to make multiple villages and level each one up individually.

LEGO Fortnite Desert Village Upgrade List

LEGO Fortnite Desert Biome
Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can build a village in the desert biome in LEGO Fortnite. Make sure to bring plenty of heat-resistant items because the heat is just as deadly in the village area as it is away. The rewards for each level primarily stay the same except for each level players will be able to unlock Parts Galore, adding new items to build and decorate with. The level upgrade requirements do differ from the first village in the grassland biome.

Village LevelItems Needed to Unlock
Level 220x Wood; 25x Granite
Level 310x Knotroot; 10x Planks; 12x Marble
Level 415x Knotroot Rods; 30x Granite Slabs
Level 525x Knotroot Rods; 20x Marble Slabs
Level 625x Mable Slabs; 15x Rough Amber
Level 720x Fletwood; 30x Marble Slab; 15x Cut Amber
Level 830x Flexwood Rods; 20x Obsidian; 110x Rough Ruby
Level 920x obsidian Slabs; 10x Copper Bars; 15x Cut Ruby
Level 1030x Obsidian Slabs; 20x Copper Bars; 30x Cut Ruby

LEGO Fortnite Frostlands Village Upgrade List

LEGO Fortnite Frostlands briome
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Building a village in the Frostlands biome in LEGO Fortnite requires different materials than other villages built in the other two biomes. The rewards are the same as the desert biome rewards.

LevelItems Needed to Umlock
Level 125x Wood; 30x Granite
Level 215x Knotroot; 15x Planks; 20x Marble
Level 315x Knotroot, 15x Planks; 20x Marble
Level 420x Knotroot Rod; 25x Marble Slab
Level 525x Flexwood Rod; 30x Marble Slab
Level 620x Obsidian; 10x Copper Bar
Level 720x Frostpine; 15x Copper Bar
Level 825x Frostpine Rod; 20x Malachite; 15x Iron Bar
Level 925x Malachite Slab; 20x Iron Bar; 20x Rough Sapphire
Level 1030x Malachite Slab; 25x Iron Bar; 30x Cut Sapphire