All Manuscript Page Locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2

The Manuscript Pages unravel the story of Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you all Manuscript Page locations in Bright Falls.


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Alan Wake 2 is a tale about the outrageous horror story Alan is writing, and much of it comes to life in Bright Falls because of the Dark Place. There are Manuscript Pages that you can find that detail significant parts of the story, and several appear in Bright Falls.

These Manuscript Pages are scattered throughout your entire playthrough, and tracking them down can take time. When you find them, you’ll get a glimpse at the larger story happening in Alan Wake 2, and you might even be able to piece together some additional information in Saga’s Mind Place. Here’s what you need to know about all Manuscript Page locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

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Where To Find All Bright Falls Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2

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There are several pages you will need to track down during your time in Alan Wake 2. Many of these Manuscript Pages are provided to you in the story so you can learn about certain things, such as more evidence in one of your cases, or to give context to what’s happening. However, many Manuscript Pages will merely appear on the ground as you go through the story, and they can be easily missed if you’re not careful. There are a lot more Manuscript Pages for you to find compared to the Nursery RhymesLunch Boxes, or the Cult Stashes.

The Manuscript Pages do not provide a bonus for Saga or any weapon upgrades, but they expand the story in Alan Wake 2. If you miss out on these, there might be holes in the plot or something missing in the story if you don’t find them. I do recommend going out of your way to find them, especially if the main narrative does not go out of its way to give it to you, enriching your experience playing Alan Wake 2.

These are all the Manuscript Pages you can find while playing Alan Wake 2 and when you can get them during your playthrough.

Manuscript Page LocationManuscript Page NameDescription
Manuscript-Page-location-1-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – AlanShortly after Saga finds Alan outside Cauldron Lake, he will present her with the Manuscript Page he’s been keeping from her.
Manuscript-Page-location-1-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Outside Valhalla Nursing HomeYou can find a Manuscript Page outside the Valhalla Nursing Home shortly before you arrive.
Manuscript-Page-location-3-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Wellness CenterThere is a Manuscript Page inside the Wellness Center, which you can get after you unlock Blum’s Workstation and find his door knob in the reception area.
Manuscript-Page-location-4-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Wellness Center Patient RoomInside the Wellness Center is another Manuscript Page, but you can find it inside the Patient Room on the table.
Manuscript-Page-location-5-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home PondAfter escaping the Wellness Center, there’s a Manuscript Page inside the pavilion, next to the pond.
Manuscript-Page-Location-17-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – RoseWhen Saga reveals to Rose that she’s the hero in Alan’s story, Rose will hand her a Manuscript Page she’s been saving.
Manuscript-Page-location-5-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home StairsThere is a Manuscript Page you can find on the first floor stairs leading up to the second floor.
Manuscript-Page-location-7-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home Third FloorYou can find a Manuscript Page inside the room on the right side of the Valhalla Nursing Home, on the third floor.
Manuscript-Page-location-8-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home BasementWhen you reach the basement, there’s a Manuscript Page on the southwest side of the flooded area.
Manuscript-Page-location-9-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home BasementThere’s a second Manuscript Page in the Valhalla Nursing Home basement, and you can find it shortly before you enter the storage room.
Manuscript Page - Valhalla Nursing Home BasementManuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home Basement Laundry RoomFinally, there’s a third Manuscript Page you can find in the Valhalla Nursing Home basement, inside the laundry room. I recommend looking for it after you flip the lights on.
Manuscript-Page-location-11-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home Cynthia RoomThere is another Manuscript Page you can find inside Cynthia’s Room, on the Valhalla Nursing Home’s third floor, which can only appear after clearing the basement.
Manuscript-Page-location-12-at-Brights-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home PondThere is another Manuscript Page you can find outside the Valhalla Nursing Home, and you can find it floating in the pond.
Manuscript-Page-location-18-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Valhalla Nursing Home HillOnce you’ve departed Valhalla Nursing Home, there’s a Manuscript Page on the park bench on the southwest part of the map.
Manuscript-Page-location-13-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Bunker Woods Break RoomAfter clearing Valhalla Nursing Home and unlocking the boltcutters, there’s a Manuscript Page inside the break room on your way to the Ranger Station.
Manuscript-Page-location-14-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Bunker Woods BeachOn your way back to Bright Falls from the Ranger Station, there’s a Manuscript Page you can find on the beach.
Manuscript-Page-location-15-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Sheriff CellsBefore you check on Alan, after making your way to the Sheriff’s Office, there’s a Manuscript Page inside the cell closest to the door.
Manuscript-Page-location-16-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Palace LodgeShortly after leaving the Sheriff Station, you can find a Manuscript Page near your car outside the Palace Lodge building.
Manuscript-Page-location-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Bunker WoodsYou can find a Manuscript Page on the side of Bunker Woods before you make your first appearance at Valhalla Nursing Home.
Manuscript-Page-location-19-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Bunker Woods BeachThere’s another Manuscript Page you can find next to the Bunker Hills Break Room, south of Valhalla Nursing Home. The Manuscript Page will be on the beach.
Manuscript-Page-location-20-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Elderwood LodgeThere’s a Manuscript Page in one of the rooms on the left side of the building.
Manuscript-Page-location-21-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Elderwood LodgeClose to the other Manuscript Page in the Elderwood Lodge, there’s another one on the nightstand, next to the bed.