All Lunch Box Locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2

There are a handful of lunch boxes for you to find as you explore Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you where to find them all.


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Bright Falls has several collectibles you can track down in Alan Wake 2, scattered throughout the entire map. A notable set of collectibles for you to find are the Alex Casey lunch boxes, which have several painted rocks around them.

The lunch boxes are not only an essential collectible for you to find, but they also contain helpful resources to aid in your fight against the Taken and the Dark Place. The more you find, the more upgrades you’ll have for your weapons while playing as Saga Anderson. Here’s what you need to know about finding all lunch box locations at Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find All Bright Falls Lunch Box Locations in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Lunch Boxes Location in Watery And Cauldron Lake
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The lunch boxes appear in Watery and Cauldron Lake. Each of them has distinct signs that you’re on the correct path to finding them in Alan Wake 2, which are the colored rocks and the hanging symbols you see near them. Unlike the Nursery Rhymes or the Cult Stashes, you may also be trying to hunt down. These are slightly easier to narrow down, and when you find them, you won’t have to figure out a riddle to open them up.

Each lunch box contains a small pile of Manuscript Fragments within them. These fragments are how Saga upgrades her weapons in her Mind Place. These upgrades should make it easier to take down the many Taken enemies you find while exploring Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

These are all the lunch boxes you can find while exploring Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

Lunch Box LocationLunch Box NameDescription
Lunch-Box-location-1-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Ranger StationYou can find this lunch box right outside the Ranger Station. You can find it before entering the Valhalla Nursing Home on the south side of the map.
Lunch-Box-location-2-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Valhalla Nursing HomeWhen you enter Valhalla Nursing Home, there is one to the right of the entrance. It will be inside Rose’s office, next to her computer desk.
Lunch-box-location-3-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Billie’s Boat YardThere is a lunch box on the outskirts of Billie’s Boat Yard, to the west of it, where you can find one on the beach.
Lunch-box-location-4-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Bright Falls ParkOn the east side of the map, there’s a small park you can enter, where you’ll find a lunch box underneath a tree.
Lunch-Box-location-5-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box at Bunker Hills BeachClose to the edge of the Bunker Woods forest is a shoreline. On the south side of it, making your way up away from the Ranger Station, is a lunch box underneath a tree.
Lunch-Box-location-6-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Bunker HillsWhen you reach Bunker Woods, there’s a lunch box that you can find on the west side of the map, on top of a small hill. You might be able to find it before you reach Valhalla Nursing Home.
Lunch-Box-location-7-at-Bright-Falls-in-Alan-Wake-2Lunch Box Outside Valhalla Nursing HomeShortly after you finish your time at Valhalla Nursing Home and you unlock the boltcutters, you can exit the area, and you’ll find a lunch box on the west side of the woods.