All meal recipes in Resident Evil Village, and what they do

Time to eat.

Image via Capcom

In Resident Evil Village, players can get some permanent buffs by finding ingredients and bringing them to a character called the Duke. The Duke is a traveling shopkeeper who will appear in various places throughout the game, but can most commonly be found in the Altar area of the village itself.

Ingredients can be found in various locations throughout the game as different animals such as goats, pigs, and fish can be discovered roaming different areas. The animals can simple be shot which will cause them to drop whatever ingredient and players can then pick it up.

There are also some ingredients that are very rare, will only be available in specific areas, and may even be locked behind items that will only be available as players get deeper into the story. These ingredients are:

Herbed FishSmall overall health increaseFish x3, Poultry x2
Bird and Beast PilafMore efficient damage reduction from guardingPoultry x4, Meat x1
Three-Flavored MititeiLarger overall health increaseFish x4, Poultry x2
Tochitura de PuiLargest overall health increasePoultry x4, Meat x3, Juicy Game x 1
Ciorba de PorcMuch greater efficiency when guardingFish x1, Meat x5, Quality Meat x1
Sarmale de PesteIncreased movement speedFish x6, Finest Fish x1