Where to find Quality Meat in Resident Evil Village

The best meat.


Screenshot by Gamepur

When you return to the village after completing the castle in Resident Evil Village, you have the chance to hunt some of the many animals running throughout the area. These animals yield useful ingredients you can give to The Duke to transform into delicious meals, increasing your maximum stats and boosting your character for the hardships ahead. One of the rarer ingredients you need to find is quality meat, and it’s going to be better than the normal meat you’ve been harvesting off of pigs.

If you’re looking for quality meat, you can find it by taking down a white pig that’s running around over by Luiza’s House. When you can revisit this area, you want to return to Fallow Plot and enter the house where you first encountered Luiza and her father. Inside of the house, look for the window that leads into the backyard and jump through it.

On the other side, there’s a small area you can explore, and if you have the well wheel, you can bring up the well to receive another item. Running around this area is a white pig. You need to defeat this creature to harvest its meat. It’s significantly more robust than other animals in the area, so we recommend using a pistol for a few shots and then using your knife to conserve ammunition.

After you’ve defeated the pig, you can harvest the meat and bring it to The Duke. You’ll need a few other ingredients to make the recipe, but once you do, you’ll be able to boost your stats permanently.