All Medieval Dynasty Cheats for Xbox

Medieval Dynasty has a host of cheats available for players that want them. Today we’ll list every cheat that players have access to.

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Medieval Dynasty is a fun ride for players looking to get lost in an immersive world in ye olden times. On the other hand, some players might look for a shortcut when it comes to bypassing some of the more tedious systems. Today we’ll look at all the cheats available in-game for players looking for a quick change.

As an aside, console commands aren’t available for Xbox players. These are for developers only, and access to them has been purposely left out for whatever reason. On the bright side, the in-game cheat menu is still really good.

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Where To Find the Cheat Menu in Medieval Dynasty

Getting to the cheat menu is quite simple once you know what to look for. For new sessions, the first step is to start a new game. The customization option will pop up underneath the start game option. In that menu, you’ll be able to alter many values.

CheatsDescriptions: Can Only Be Applied In-Game
Buildings LimitChanges the maximum number of buildings you can have. A large amount may cause your PC to slow down.
Unlimited HPTurn invincibility on or off.
TaxesChanges the amount of taxes for buildings and crop fields.
Unlimited StaminaDecides if you lose stamina or not.
EventsTurn events on or off.
Lack of HungerTurn off the need to eat.
Lack of ThirstTurn off the need to drink.
Unlimited Carry WeightTurn on infinite carry.
PoisoningTurn off the poison effect.
TemperatureTurn off the ability to be too warm or cold.
Fast CraftingGrants the ability to craft everything in one cycle.
Fast BuildingBuild anything instantly.
XP Gain MultiplierChanges the amount of XP gain.
Technology Gain MultiplierChanges the amount of technology you receive.
Dynasty Reputation ManagerChanges the amount of Dynasty Reputation you receive.
Stop Dropped Items from SpoilingItems you drop will not spoil.
DifficultyOnly Available when starting a new game. Changes the cheat settings using preset choices.
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CheatsDescription: Can Only Be Applied After a New Season Starts
Length of SeasonChange the number of days in a Season.
Inhabitants – Food NeedsChanges the amount of food your villagers need.
Inhabitants – Water NeedsChanges the amount of water your villagers need.
Inhabitants – Wood NeedsChanges the amount of wood your villagers need.
BanditsTurns Bandits on or off.
Bandits – HPChanges the Bandits HP.
Bandits – DamageChanges the Bandits’ damage.
Animals – HPChanges the HP of Animals.
Animals – DamageChange the damage to Animals.
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