All Mobs added to Minecraft update 1.17

A handful of animals added to Minecraft.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each update in Minecraft comes with an array of unique crafting recipes, blocks, and more enemies and creatures to find in your world. For example, in Minecraft update 1.17, the first part of Caves and Cliffs, several new mobs were added to the game that you can find while exploring the world. Each of them serves a purpose, and how you use them is up to you.

All new Mobs in update 1.17


The Axolotl, adorable aquatic creatures with a distinct chirping sound when you get close to them, have been added to your ocean biomes. You can find them deep underwater, swimming around dark caves in small groups. While these animals are cute, they’re designed for hunting many of the other animals in the ocean. They’ll seek out nearly any other animal in the water and hunt after them. Despite being hunters, they do not go after players. You won’t be able to tame them, but you can place them on a lead, breed them, and even scoop them up into a bucket to carry them around with you above water. They come in five colors, with blue being the rarest.

If you hunt with an Axolotl, they’ll give you a heal after you defeat an animal they were trying to hunt. They’re handy, but you need to make sure you’re going out of your way to take them in a bucket and bring them with you on adventures.


When you’re traveling the high mountains in Minecraft, you’re bound to encounter a curious Goat. These animals are also ones you cannot tame, but you can lead them along, feeding them wheat and even breed them. If you plan to hold them in a pen, we recommend having high walls because the Goats are notoriously good at jumping, making them excellent a traversing the snowy mountains. When you bring them back, you can use a bucket on them to acquire milk.

Despite not being an aggressive mob, Goats tend to bump into you and send you flying. If they headbutt into a block, they’ll lose one of their horns, which you can pick up.

Glow Squid

The Glow Squid is a variation of the regular squid. These are extremely similar to each other, except the coloring of the Glow Squid makes them look like they glow in the dark, with a surreal blue and green appearance to them. You can find a Glow Squid swimming through the ocean, casually minding its own business. It doesn’t bother any other creatures in Minecraft, and when it’s terrified, it releases a glowing ink into the ocean to try and escape. When you eliminate a Glow Squid, it drops glowing ink sacs that you can use to make your text on signs glow in the dark and light up your item frames.

These are a passive mob that you cannot breed or tame.