All Mythic weapon locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Be sure to swing by and pick some up.

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Along with a whole host of new characters, features, and a brand-new map, the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 content also features a bunch of new weapons. Among them are new Mythic weapons, which due to their rarity can only be used by one person on the map at a time.

If you want to find out how where the new Mythic weapons are and how to find them, then you’re in the right place. Here are the locations of the two that have been announced so far.

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MK-Seven Assault Rifle

To get the MK-Seven Assault Rifle, you’ll need to head over to Sanctuary on the East side of the map. There, you’ll find a boss called The Foundation. Once you’re there, you’ll engage in a tough but winnable boss fight. After winning this fight, you’ll be rewarded with the MK-Seven Assault Rifle for your troubles.

Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters

If you too want to do whatever a spider can, the first step is being able to shoot a web. If you don’t fancy risking a bite from a radioactive spider, then you can get your hands on the Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters by heading to the Daily Bugle. Note that the Mythic Web Shooters, which will allow players to swing from buildings and inflict explosive damage, won’t be available until 11 December, so stay tuned for more details as they come out.