All new content in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – new locations, returning monsters, and more

Details on the expansion’s new hunting grounds, Elder Dragon, and familiar faces.

Screenshot by Gamepur/Capcom YouTube

After first unveiling Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during September’s Nintendo Direct, Capcom has finally given details on the upcoming DLC, which the company calls a “massive expansion.” These include new monsters and locations, as well as the return of monsters from past games. 

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Fans of the series will recognize the returning monster shown off in the new trailer for the Tokyo Game Show as the Shogun Ceanataur, who was last seen in Monster Hunter Generations. It’s a nightmare-inducing hermit crab that uses a giant skull for its shell, which is appropriately creepy given the vibe that the expansion is going for.

Sunbreak director Yoshitake Suzuki described the new castle ruins location shown in the reveal trailer as “eerie,” noting how the sky turns crimson at nightfall. Suzuki also revealed the name of the new Elder Dragon: Malzeno.

Sunbreak is targeted for players in the endgame of Rise, as it requires to complete the 7 Star Hub Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” before its content can be played. The expansion will have players journeying out of their village of Kamura from the base game and into a brand new camp, the name of which wasn’t given.

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Capcom will continue to reveal further details on new locations and Malzeno, as well as other monsters, leading up to the launch of Sunbreak in Summer 2022.