What is the release date of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion?

Hunters, start sharpening your weapons.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Monster Hunter Rise continues to be a massive hit. Not only did it receive an enthusiastic response from fans and critics, but it also managed to ship seven million copies worldwide just two months after its launch as a Switch console exclusive, and has a PC port currently in development. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s receiving a “massive” expansion in the form of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

While Sunbreak currently has no concrete release date, we know it’s planned to release in Summer 2022. Additionally, it will launch simultaneously on both Switch and PC.

Sunbreak is promised to have its own storyline full of new monsters, locales, gameplay elements, and even a new quest rank. After the announcement, Capcom teased that more details will be revealed soon. Sunbreak looks to have a much darker and more ominous tone than Monster Hunter Rise, and it’ll be interesting to see what new changes it will bring to the base game’s more vibrant atmosphere.

This isn’t the first time a Monster Hunter game has gotten a big expansion. While previous games in the series had new content available in re-releases, Monster Hunter: World instead received its own paid expansion, Iceborne. Like Sunbreak, it included a new region that differed drastically from the base game and added a slew of new monsters that proved a welcome challenge for endgame players.