Will Monster Hunter Rise have cross-save?

What’s the verdict?

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The PC release for Monster Hunter Rise will be the second release for the game, with the first being when it arrived on the Nintendo Switch earlier in 2021. The PC release for the game is coming out on January 12, 2022, and many players who initially started on the Switch are curious if there are going to be any cross-save features available so that they can carry over their progress from their console game.

Capcom has not commented or provided an update on whether this is going to happen or not. However, with the PC announcement only just arrived, they’ve detailed a list of features about how PC players will receive 4k graphics, 21:9 ultra-wide support, uncapped framerates, mouse and keyboard compatibility, and much more. The cross-save information has not been shared yet, but it’s a big question plenty of fans are reaching out to the team about on their social pages.

For now, we don’t have a solid answer to this question. We’re watching the Monster Hunter Rise twitter page to see if the team there releases a comment, if they update the Steam page, or if there’s any information offered by the Monster Hunter Rise official PC website where many of the listed features should be posted by the development team.