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All new content in the Apex Legends Mobile: Hyperbeat update – Crypto, Town Takeover, and more

It's the drone's time to shine.

Apex Legends Mobile’s new season is called Hyperbeat, and it drops soon. The season kicks off this Tuesday, August 23 at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT. There’s a bunch of new content coming with Hyperbeat, including a familiar face. Here’s the full rundown of what to expect in the next Apex Legends Mobie content drop.

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Crypto joins Apex Legends Mobile

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Crypto first came to regular Apex Legends in the game’s third season, and now he’s a part of the mobile version too. Crypto has the same abilities as before, with a drone that can scan the area, mark enemies, and unleash an EMP to deal damage and mess with their systems. The drone also has an extra ability this time around: it can trail behind Crypto and continue marking enemies for a limited time.

Apex Legends Mobile also lets you unlock perks to customize the aforementioned abilities. The full list is on the game’s website, but highlights include being able to fetch items with the drone and have it explode after being shot down, dealing damage in the area.

Kings Canyon gets a new takeover

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Crypto might be Mobile’s new character, but his predecessor Rhapsody is still in the spotlight. Pythas Theater, where the DJ performs, can be found at the Airfield POI in Kings Canyon. Additionally, you’ll see VIP supply bins all across the map. Open VIP loot crates to get VIP passes, which can then open the supply bins for high-level gear.

Hyperbeat battle pass and Store Vault

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Apex Mobile is also getting the usual shake-up on the cosmetic front. Crypto, Lifeline, Mirage, Pathfinder, and other Legends all have new skins to check out, and you’ll find weapon skins and other trinkets too. The theme of the Store Vault is changed as well — it’s now Rhapsody’s Underground.

Along with the new cosmetics comes an important behind-the-scenes change to the Store Vault. Each time you draw, the drop rate for Eternal cosmetic items goes up. In other words, the more you pull from the Vault, the greater your chances get that you’ll receive some top-tier loot. Once you win an Eternal cosmetic, these odds reset so that they can begin stacking again.

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