All new dragons in Century: Age of Ashes Frost & Fury

Collect them all before they’re gone.


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The Frost & Fury event in Century: Age of Ashes introduces three time-limited dragons for players to acquire and a new skin that they can earn if they play the new game mode enough. This guide explains what each of these new dragons is and how to get them for your collection.

Buy them or play for them

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The three new dragons that have been added for this event are only available in the game’s shop. You can buy them for 2000 Gems each. This means that you’ll either need to purchase the Gems to pay for those dragons or level up enough to earn them all. You get 250 Gems for every five levels you gain, meaning this is quite the grind if you want to do it without paying. The new premium dragons are as follows.

  • Windguard: Hjalgund, the Realm’s Guard
  • Phantom: Jöldir, the Slivered Shade
  • Marauder: Karvarr, the Frozen Ire
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The final new dragon is a skin for the Windguard class. There’s a set of challenges for the Frost & Fury event with seven tiers. Completing each tier unlocks a new cosmetic item for the Windguard class, ending with a new dragon skin called Raging Cyclone. To unlock it, you need to rack up 280 eliminations in the new Chaos game mode while the Frost & Fury event is live. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with new gear for the Windguard class at regular intervals as you get closer to your goal.