All new Porkrind’s Emporium items in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

The shopkeeper has also made his way to Inkwell Island IV.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Everyone’s favorite shopkeeper swine is back in Cuphead’s new DLC. Upon arriving on Inkwell Island IV in The Delicious Last Course, you’ll be able to stop by his cart, parked by the winners’ stand in the northeast part of the island (as seen below). Here’s what you’ll find in his new inventory.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

All new Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course items

New Weapon: Crackshot

The first new weapon is the Crackshot. It fires in a straight line then breaks into three smaller projectiles, which deal slightly less damage apiece. The Crackshot’s special is called P. Turret, and it fires off a rapid series of shots, as the name implies. It’ll cost you four coins to buy this one from Porkrind’s Emporium.

New Weapon: Converge

This weapon is sort of the inverse of the Crackshot: firing it normally sends out a group of three bolts in a spreading pattern. If you hold down the fire button, these narrow into a more singular beam. It’s Electro-Bolt special fires a souped-up version of this narrower beam. The Converge is also priced at four coins.

New Weapon: Twist Up

While the preexisting Lobber shot fires in a downward arc, the new Twist Up shot fires in an upward motion. It’s handy for hitting aerial bosses, like the first phase of Mortimer Freeze. Its special is called Cyclone Spiral, and it sends out a shot that whips around in a tornado pattern. Like the other new weapons, the Twist Up costs four coins.

New Charm: Heart Ring

The first of two new charms is the Heart Ring, priced at three coins. When equipped, it actually restores health on your first, third, and sixth successful parry. This can give you an edge if you’re aiming for an S Rank in The Delicious Last Course.

New Charm: Broken Relic/Cursed Relic

The other charm costs a single coin, and it’s broken when you buy it. To fix the Broken Relic, you’ll need to unlock and beat the secret Angel and Devil boss in the DLC. Once that’s done, it’ll turn into the Cursed Relic. Equipping this limits you to just a single point of HP during boss fights. It’s for hardcore players only.

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New Charm: Astral Cookie

Technically this isn’t sold at Porkrind’s Emporium, but since it’s another new item, it’s important to include here. You’ll receive this upon sailing to the DLC island. Equipping it is how you’ll unlock Miss Chalice as a playable character.