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How to get an S Rank in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

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Want to get S Ranks when fighting the new bosses in Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC? The good news is that the requirements are the same as scoring an S Rank in the base game. Still, you may need a refresher on exactly what that entails, so read on for a full breakdown of every parameter on the results screen.

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S Rank Requirements – Time

Speed is the name of the game here. You need to beat the boss in under 2:10. This is not easy, since it means you need to be constantly dealing damage to the boss. The standard Peashooter is ideal for this, since it can cross the whole screen and has no extra gimmicks.

S Rank Requirements – HP Bonus

Generally speaking, you don’t want to get hit in Cuphead. Note the 0/3 in the results list: this means you need to finish the fight with three HP left. If you’re using the Heart item, using the Twin Hearts item, or playing as Miss Chalice, that means you actually have a buffer here. The new Heart Ring item can also work here, as it restores health after enough parries. As long as you end the fight with 3/ HP, you’re good.

S Rank Requirements – Parry

This requires you to execute at least three successful parries during the fight. That’s pretty straightforward, but note that mandatory parries don’t count. For example, during the final phase of The Howling Aces boss fight, you’ll have to parry a laser to avoid being zapped on the ground. That wouldn’t count toward this, but parrying any of the other flying obstacles during the fight would.

S Rank Requirements – Super Meter

Super Meter refers to you super moves, and you can meet this requirement no matter which one you have equipped. To reach this, you need to use six cards’ worth of super energy. This can be done in any combination, but note that the meter maxes out at five, which means you’ll need to tack on an extra shot after unleashing the maximum attack. Another important note: the super attack has to actually hit the boss, or it won’t count toward this.

S Rank Requirements – Skill Level

Finally, make sure you beat the boss on Expert difficulty, as doing either Simple or Normal won’t allow for an S Rank. If you do every requirement on Normal, for example, you’ll top out at an A+. To unlock Expert mode, you’ll need to complete the base Cuphead game. It can then be selected when facing each boss.

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