All new Season 2 game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Six more modes are headed to multiplayer, all being memorable classics from past games.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s second season may have faced a steep delay, but it hopes to redeem itself by providing a wealth of new game modes. That said, these modes may not be considered new to some, as the entire collection coming first garnered popularity in past Call of Duty titles. Most even lend a unique twist, challenging soldiers only to throw knives or have them earn eliminations with over a dozen different guns. Here’s every mode set to launch within Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2.

What game modes are coming to MW2 in Season 2?

Image via Activision

There are six game modes headed to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer in Season 2 — but not all at once. Three fan favorites, such as Grind and Infected, will debut once the season launches, while the rest of the batch is slated to arrive with its respective Reloaded update. You can find all game modes in Season 2 below, organized by their release date.

Grind (available at launch)

Last appearing in 2019’s Modern Warfare, Grind is a spin-off of the Kill Confirmed mode, tasking two teams of six with capturing dog tags around maps. However, points from dog tags are not instantly earned, as each team must stash them in their respective banks for their points to count. Additionally, those who place multiple tags inside their bank will be granted point bonuses.

Gun Game (available at launch)

Coming as no surprise, Gun Game makes its way into its now fourth straight Call of Duty title. The mode is built around the Free-For-All ruleset, forcing players to work on their own to achieve the highest elimination count at the end of a match. Although, instead of having loadouts, each gunner must earn kills with the 18-weapon rotation offered to them. More intriguing, those who use melee attacks will set their eliminated opponent back one weapon in the rotation.

Infected (available at launch)

Infected consists of 18-player lobbies where those marked as “survivors” must avoid being eliminated by the knife-wielding infected team. Players who are eliminated by the infected will then join the team in the efforts to defeat the rest of the survivors. If one or more survivors manage to live past its five-minute countdown, they will be crowned the victors of the match.

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All or Nothing (arrives later in-season)

Functioning as another fun Free-For-All spin-off, All or Nothing revolves around lone soldiers with nothing but throwing knives and a pistol needing to obtain 20 eliminations. However, as the pistol will not have ammo at the start of matches, players must earn the Scavenger perk in order to pick up additional bullets. More importantly, participants who can do multiple kills will be granted extra perks later in matches.

Drop Zone (arrives later in-season)

Drop Zone sees two teams constantly battle over a moving space on maps in order to earn points. Although it takes heavy inspiration from the Hardpoint game mode, its uniqueness comes from it dropping Care Packages into the moving space once it has been held down by a team for at least 15 seconds. While 20 points are given every second to the team who holds this space, 7,500 points will be needed to win the match.

One in the Chamber (arrives later in-season)

Much like All or Nothing, One in the Chamber gives solo soldiers a pistol but with just one bullet in its chamber. Thankfully, each elimination rewards an extra bullet, though players should still have their guard up. Every Operator in One in the Chamber has just three respawns to work with, ultimately making for fast-paced, exciting matches.