All Love Rank weapon upgrades in Boyfriend Dungeon

Your affection will pay dividends.

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Your progression in Boyfriend Dungeon stems from both plunging the dunj and going on dates with your weapon friends and partners, increasing your Love Rank as you do more of both activities. Going through floors of each dunj will fill up your Love Rank bar until it maxes out a level, which will allow you to go on a date with them later on and unlock a new, special perk. There are six Love Ranks for each weapon, some that allow you to choose between two different perks. It’s up to you what kind of build you want for your best weapons, so invest in your time and gifts wisely.

Isaac the Estoc

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  1. Riposte: Holding Roll lets you counter-attack if used just before an incoming attack!
    1. Thoughtful: Riposte’s timing is more forgiving.
    2. Disengage: Riposte knocks enemies back further.
  2. Allez: Hold any heavy attack to charge up into a more powerful move.
    1. Concentrate: Reduced charge time for heavy attacks.
    2. Directeur: Wider finisher damage area.
  3. Right of Way: Riposte does more damage.
    1. Wide Stance: Enemies hit by Riposte have a chance to become Frightened.
    2. Pierce: Enemies hit by Riposte have a chance to Bleed.

Sunder the Talwar

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  1. Cut: Finishers cause enemies to bleed.
    1. Dance Floor: Do more damage when surrounded.
    2. Swinger: Finishers have a larger attack area.
  2. Deep Cut: Bleeding does more damage.
    1. Sticky: Bleeding enemies move slower.
    2. Drain: Bleeding enemies do less damage.
  3. Shrapnel: Enemies who die while bleeding can explode.
    1. Blunt: Heavy finishers also briefly stun enemies.
    2. Thirsty: Heavy finishers also steal life

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Valeria the Dagger

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  1. Escape: Enemies nearby get Confused when you roll out of sight.
    1. Sneaky: Enemies are Confused longer.
    2. Traveler: Roll further.
  2. Backstab: Attacks do Critical damage to Confused enemies.
    1. Open Minded: Heavy finishers have a wider damage area.
    2. Pommel Strike: Heavy finishers Confuse enemies.
  3. Impatient: Can attack in the middle of a roll.
    1. Hit and Run: Rolling hurts nearby enemies.
    2. Sweep: Do damage in an area automatically at end of a roll.

Rowan the Scythe

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  1. Heavy: Heavy finishers create a temporary gravity well, pulling enemies towards its center.
    1. Dread: Gravity wells also do damage over time to an enemy being affected by them.
    2. Finale: Gravity wells explode and do damage when they expire.
  2. Deadly Momemtum: When an enemy dies, get a brief damage boost that can stack up to 3 times.
    1. Implacable: Gravity well last longer.
    2. Presence: Gravity wells are bigger.
  3. Fatal Attraction: When an enemy dies to a gravity well, you automatically get 3 stacks of the boost.
    1. Acceptance: Deadly Momentum can stack up to 5 times.
    2. Eternal: Deadly Momentum lasts a bit longer.

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Seven the Lasersaber

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  1. Chain Lightning: When finishing a combo, an energy bolt damages a nearby enemy from the first enemy hit.
    1. Long Distanve: Chain Lightning can reach further.
    2. Paralysis: Chain Lightning stuns enemies.
  2. Forked: Chain Lightning can strike 2 extra enemies (total of 3).
    1. Firebolt: Chain Lightning does more damage when it doesn’t fork.
    2. Merciless: Chain Lightning prefers to target enemies with lowest health.
  3. Catchy: Chain Lightning has a chance to immediately fire a second time from enemies it hits.
    1. Survivor: Chain Lightning has a chance to immediately fire a second time from enemies it hits.
    2. Burst: Chain Lightning affects 2 extra enemies (total of 5).

Sawyer the Glaive

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  1. Throw: Heavy attack throw Glaive, immobilizing enemies (they can still attack).
    1. Flailing: When Glaive returns from being thrown, do damage to all enemies nearby.
    2. Hurried: Glaive throws and returns faster.
  2. Intense: All finishers immobilize & knockback.
    1. Overwhelm: Immobilize lasts longer.
    2. Enthusiastic: Glaive’s throw goes further.
  3. High Heat: All finishers also set enemies on fire.
    1. Heavy Heart: Throw also stuns enemies so they cannot attack.
    2. Prepared: Throw does damage again on the return.

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Pocket the Brass Knuckles

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  1. Swat: Finishers immobilize enemies (but they can still attack).
    1. Playtime: Enemies take extra damage when hit while immobilized.
    2. Forceful: Enemies are also briefly stunned when immobilized.
  2. Territorial: Finishers knock enemies back further.
    1. Persistent: Immobilize lasts longer.
    2. Scaredy: You’ll briefly become invulnerable after a finisher.
  3. Resilient: You’ll briefly become invulnerable after a finisher.
    1. Sulky: After you’re hurt, the next attack will do more damage and immobilize.
    2. Nine Lives: After you’re hurt, get a speed boost.