All NPC and character locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Speak with these NPCs and add them to your collection.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

There are multiple NPCs and characters for you to find in Fortnite, and with the arrival of Chapter 3, Season 4, they’ve moved all over the map. A handful of them are in the same location they were in the previous season, but some have changed, and there are new additions you need to speak with and find. These characters are all over the map, and we can expect more to arrive as Season 4 continues. This guide covers all NPC and character locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

Where to find all NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

More characters and NPCs will be added throughout Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, but at the beginning, there will be 22 characters for your to find. You can speak with each of them, and they will offer an item by speaking with them, and some may even offer to help you if you hire them using Gold Bars. Here’s where you can find each character’s location.

These character positions might also be moving throughout the season, so check back here regularly to see if any are wandering around at different locations.

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Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Bad Bros: At the bottom of a vault, to the east of Coney Crossroads, next to the lake underneath Ridgeline Ranger Station
  2. Beach Bomber: You can find the Beach Bomber inside the Ice Cream shop at Coney Crossroads
  3. Blackheart: You can find Blackheart on his ship, the Driftwood, northwest of the Flutter Barn.
  4. Bunker Jonesy: The Bunker version of Jonesy is still at his compound at Fort Jonesy, and you can hire him
  5. Castaway Jonesy: The Castaway version of Jonesy is also at Fort Jonesy compound, slightly more to the southern part of the location. You can also hire them
  6. Cryptic: Inside the Flairship, you can find Cryptic at Grim Gables.
  7. Evie: Evie will be hiding out at the Syndicate Shoals, to the west of Lustrous Lagoon
  8. Fishstick: You can find Fishstick operating the fries inside the restaurant at Sleepy Sound
  9. Guaco: You will need to make your way over to Greasy Grove to find Guaco, inside a restaurant
  10. Jonesy the First: This version of Jonesy is also at Fort Jonesy, close to the north part of the compound. You can hire this character
  11. Kit: You can find Kit hiding out on the west side of the Reality Tree, inside of a cabin in the forest
  12. Kyle: You will need to make your way over to the Chop Shop to find Kyle, to the north of Logjam Junction, right next to the water
  13. Mancake: You can find Mancake close to the north of Rocky Reels
  14. Maximillian: You will find Maximillian to the north of Bad Bros, on top of the floating structures
  15. Meowscles: Another character you can find inside of Kit’abin is Meowscles, which is also to the west of the Reality Tree
  16. Panther: The Panther is to the southwest of Herald’s Sanctum, inside of a Gas Station
  17. Relaxed Fit Jonesy: The fourth Jonesy you can find at Fort Jonesy is Relaxed Fit Jonesy, which is at the northwest of the compound
  18. Rustler: The Rustler is still wandering the outside of Grim Gables, walking along the perimeter
  19. Sabina: You will need to go between Sleepy Sound and Logjam Junction to find Sabina, inside the mansion where the snow and grass meet
  20. Stash’d: You can find Stash’d walking inside the north garage at Chonkery’s Speedway on the south part of the map.
  21. Sunbird: The Sunbird will be at the Temple, to the northeast of Lustrous Lagoon
  22. The Underwriter: You can find The Underwriter at Chrome Crossroads, at the top of one of the south buildings
  23. Meow Skulls: This latest addition will appear in the Rave Cave. You can find them on the west side of the building.