All Paralogues in Fire Emblem Engage – Full Paralogue list

Do you have what it takes to complete these Paralogues?

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Paralogues are side activities in the Fire Emblem series that typically give you a variety of instrumental rewards, and they return in Fire Emblem Engage. Many of the Paralogue missions that appear in this game will unlock exclusive abilities for your Emblem Rings. Some of them might also contain helpful characters you can unlock during your playthrough. This guide will cover all Paralogues and show the full list for Fire Emblem Engage.

All Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem Engage

Paralogues become available after you reach a certain chapter in the game. The only way to unlock them is by progressing through the story. We want to stress the difficulty of these missions, so we recommend ensuring you and your party members are adequately leveled up. You can always return to them if they are too difficult for you to complete.

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There are 16 Paralogue side missions for you to uncover during your playthrough in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • Budding Talent – Chapter 5
  • Divine Paralogue – The Ancestor – Chapter 6
  • Mysterious Merchant – Chapter 7
  • The Azure Twin – Chapter 16
  • The Caring Princess – Chapter 21
  • The Connector – Chapter 23
  • The Crux of Fate – Chapter 15
  • The Dawn Maiden – Chapter 20
  • The Exalt – Chapter 11
  • The Hero-King – Chapter 23
  • The Holy Knight – Chapter 18
  • The Instructor – CHapter 14
  • The Lady of the Plains – Chapter 12
  • The Radiant Hero – Chapter 13
  • The Sage Lord – Chapter 18
  • The Young Lion – Chapter 20

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Completing these Paralogue missions is no easy task. You can always accept these missions and back out of the encounter if they prove too challenging. A good way to level up is to clear out any available Skirmishes on the map and make sure you take your characters to the Arena to give them a chance to level up. The Temptest Trials at the Tower of Trials also becomes available when you reach chapter 11.