All perk locations in Der Anfang in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies

A little lost? Find the perks here.

Image via Treyarch

Perks are one of the most important tools you can have in Call of Duty Zombies to help you survive. As you accumulate points, you want to look for these drinks that will instantly boost your powers. In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Perk-a-Colas have been swapped out with Demon Fountains, which give you the same bonuses from the classic perks. Here is where to find their locations in Der Anfang.

Aethereal Haste

Aethereal Haste is found within Theater. You can unlock it full-time by clearing the portal to the east in Town Square, but you might have a Harvest objective that takes you directly to the room it is in. It is down the hallway to the left of the stairs.

Demonic Frenzy

Screenshot by Gamepur

Demonic Frenzy is in the Boiler Room. You will need to clear the path to the north or west of Town Square and then complete the objective in the Boiler Room to have this unlocked for future use.

Diabolical Damage

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Diabolical Damage is found at the bottom of Apartments. After clearing two portals to the south of Town Square, you will open this area up for you at any time, but a Blitz objective will sometimes put you in this room.

Fiendish Fortitude

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To find the replacement for Juggernog, Fiendish Fortitude, you will need to clear the south and west portals to find the fountain sitting at the top of the stairs of a building in Panzer Column West.

Vigorous Vigor

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Vigorous Vigor will require you to complete the objective to the north in the Town Square and open up Panzer Column East. After going through the gate to the road, the fountain is to the left.