How to Get a Bronze Pickhammer in My Time At Sandrock

The biggest question here is why is it green. Learn how to get the Pickhammer in My Time at Sandrock.

Bronze pickhammer Sandrock recipe

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The plot around My Time At Sandrock revolves around you becoming a stellar builder. But, as it turns out, you’ll have to work a double shift as a blacksmith to upgrade your tools, too.

To complete the main quest The Show Must Go On, the town’s stage must be fixed. If you don’t, the city won’t be able to say their goodbyes to the builder you’re substituting: Mason. Luckily, this will be a two-person job: Mi-an will take care of one part of the stage, while you will focus on a different one. However, to fix the stage in My Time at Sandrock, you’ll need a Bronze Pickhammer, which doesn’t happen to grow around the workshop.

Pickhammer Recipe in My Time at Sandrock

build a bronze pickhammer sandrock
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To craft a Pickhammer, head to the workshop’s worktable and put the following materials to work.

  • 5x Bronze Bars: created at the Furnace to create Bronze Bars from tin ore and copper ore.
  • 2x⁠ Wooden Stick⁠: obtained from Wood at the Worktable or Wood Scrap at the Recycler.
  • 2x ⁠Copper Screw⁠: obtained from processing Copper Bars at a Grinder.
  • ⁠1x Sharpening Stone⁠: purchased at Hammer Time for 512 gold.

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All the machines mentioned above can be crafted at the Assembly Station in the workshop. Though it takes a lot of work to build a Furnace, a Recycler, and a Grinder, you’ll need them to be good at your builder job. I’d recommend keeping two of each when you get the time and resources to make the crafting process faster.

Should You Build the Stage Support or the Stage Backdrop?

Stage Support or Stage Backdrop My Time at Sandrock
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Of course, the pickhammer is not all you need to complete The Show Must Go On in My Time at Sandrock. Either the Stage Support or Stage Backdrop must be built as well. 

For the easiest build, go with Stage Support. It’s simpler to get the materials, just some Bronze Bars, Wooden Boards, and Stone Slates, which can all be built with the Processor and the Furnace.

Stage Backdrop, on the other hand, needs a Grinder and a Copper Loudspeaker recipe. It just involves way more resources and effort. I went for the Stage Backdrop in my first playthrough and I’ve been kicking myself for leaving the easy part to Mi-an ever since.