All shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis in Splatoon 3

Fred Crumbs is the best addition to Splatoon 3.

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There’s a lot to the city of Inkopolis. As you take a look in the city, you’ll notice that there are shops you can buy items from and most of them have a different shopkeeper from the ones in Splatsville. The only Splatsville vendor who makes an appearance in Inkopolis is Harmony in Hotlantis via satellite. So if you’re curious about who the new (and old) shopkeepers are in Inkopolis in Splatoon 3, here’s what you need to know.

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All Splatoon 3 NPCs and shopkeepers in Inkopolis

Shelly and Donny – Ammo Knights

Screenshot by Gamepur

These two adorable horseshoe crabs bare a resemblance to Sheldon, who is the weapons dealer in Splatsville. The noticeable difference between them is that they don’t talk as much as Sheldon does, to the relief of many. Shelly will be doing most of the talking, though Donny will occasionally say something. To buy weapons from them, you’ll use Sheldon Licenses.

Annie – Cooler Heads

Screenshot by Gamepur

The shy but styling Annie runs Cooler Heads, the store where you’ll get your headgear from in Inkopolis. She’s pulling double duty as she also runs the SplatNet Gear Shop. She is accompanied by Moe, a clownfish who isn’t afraid to insult you to your face; a stark contrast to Annie.

Jelonzo – Jelly Fresh

Screenshot by Gamepur

Running the clothing shop in Inkopolis is Jelonzo, a cool jellyfish who made his first appearance in the original Splatoon. He’s made a lot of progress since then, as he now owns a shop and is fluent in Inkling.

Fred Crumbs – Shrimp Kicks

Screenshot by Gamepur

When the expansion for Splatoon 3 was revealed back in early February 2023, everyone was either talking about the new single-player campaign or the new shopkeeper, Fred Crumbs. This strange-looking fellow is a fried shrimp wearing shoes, so he is obviously in charge of selling kicks to you.

Spyke – upgrading gear

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Hidden in an alleyway is Spyke, a character who has made an appearance in every Splatoon game. Spyke will upgrade your gear’s star power if you have enough Super Sea Snails. Additionally, you can collect SplatNet orders from him and scrub or add abilities to your gear.