All the active challenges in this week’s Gold Pass in Clash of Clans – June 1, 2020

Challenge points means prizes.

Clash of Clans Splash Screen

Image via Supercell

Each month, Clash of Clans Gold Pass provides players of the game with an incentive to continue progressing your village through the game. Rewards of resources, some potions in the free tier, powerful magic items, and a huge stash of free Gold and Elixir in Season Bank, delivered to you at the season’s end in the Gold Tier.

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There are Daily and Weekly Active challenges to complete this. The Daily Challenges offer 20 points towards your total and are the same every day.

  • Get a Star from a Multiplayer Battle
  • Get a Star from a Versus Battle
  • Donate a total of 15 Housing Space worth of troops

Weekly Active Challenges offer more points, but will be more difficult to complete, and can include many different objectives from either village.

The challenges for week one of June’s Battle Pass (June 1 to June 8) include some tough Builder Base action, winning some battles with Wall Breakers, and winning Clan War battles, which could be made easier with the month Clan War League if you’re selected to play. You will have the entire month to complete this set of challenges, so you can take your time with gradual progress for them.

Here are this week’s Active Challenges in the Gold Pass for Clash of Clans.

This Week’s Active Challenges

War Hero

Win six Clan War Battles (Home Village)

Reward: 200 Challenge Points

Builder Hall Blow-up

Destroy 15 Builder Halls in Versus Battles (Builder Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Gold Challenge

Loot at least 200,000 Gold from a single Multiplayer Battle (Home Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Daily Donations

Donate a total of 500 Housing Space worth of troops. (Home Village, donations to Clan Castle defenses in Clan Wars do not count towards this)

Reward: 200 Challenge Points

Breaking Through

Win four Multiplayer Battles using six Wall Breakers (Home Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Wizard Tower Warfare

Destroy 30 Wizard Towers in Multiplayer Battles (Homes Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points