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All The Mastermind perks in Dead by Daylight

You're merely postponing the inevitable!

The Mastermind arrives to Dead by Daylight in the Project W Chapter Update. The Mastermind is Albert Wesker, a main antagonist from the Resident Evil franchise, and Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers join him. You will have a chance to play as The Mastermind after you purchase this update, giving you the chance to unleash the Uroboros on your unsuspecting victims. The Mastermind has three unique perks you can use when you first unlock them. This guide covers all Mastermind perks in Dead by Daylight and how they work.

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All The Mastermind perks and how they work in Dead by Daylight

Each Killer comes with three featured perks unique to them. You can use them on other Killers after you reach level 50 and Prestige this character, Albert Wesker.

Awakened Awareness

Awakened Awareness gives The Mastermind heightened senses while they are carrying a Survivor. With this perk, any nearby Survivor within 16/18/20 meters of you will be revealed if you carry a Survivor. The effect of this reveal continues for two seconds after the carried Survivor has been put down or goes on a hook.

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Superior Anatomy

You can quickly chase after Survivors with the Superior Anatomy perk and adapt to the situation. This perk activates when a Survivor performs a vault within eight meters of you. When you next vault over a window, your vaulting speed is increased by 30/35/40%, increasing the chances of you catching up to the Survivor before they can get away.


The Terminus perk is one you will use before the Survivors can escape. When the exit gates have power, this perk activates. While active, any injured, downed, or hooked Survivors receive the Broken status until the exit gates are open. When they are open, the effect lingers for 20/25/30 seconds after.

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