Best way to get Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight

Hope you are patient.

Image via Behaviour Studios

Dead By Daylight may focus on its horror themes and the dread the Survivors feel as they frantically repair generators to survive the Killers’ relentless assault, but that doesn’t mean your character shouldn’t look good. You can earn a variety of costumes for almost every character in the game. Some third-party characters are a little less customizable, but you are bound to find something you like here.

There are two ways to purchase items from the shop. The first is by purchasing Auric Cells, but that costs real money. The other is Iridescent Shards that are earned from playing the game. Here is how to farm Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight will routinely give Iridescent Shards to players during events like the Anniversary and Halloween events, but waiting for those to come around won’t get you the things you want now.

Unfortunately, the most reliable way to earn Iridescent Shards in Dead By Daylight is to simply play the game a lot. Iridescent Shards are rewarded each time you level up your Player Level. Rather than represent the level of your characters like the Bloodweb, this number is aimed towards your overall progress and how long you have played the game. You can see what level you are in the top right corner of the screen, and hovering over the icon will say how close you are to the next level.

Screenshot by Gamepur

So how do you earn experience? There are three ways to get Player Level experience. The first is determined by how long you were in the game. The longer in the game you are, the more points you get, although there is a cutoff of 10 minutes for this. The second is by playing your first match of the day. Just coming back routinely every day and playing as either Killer or Survivor will net you quite a bit of experience each day. Finally, the last way is to play well and earn emblems at the end of each match, although these give minimal experience.

So the best way we can recommend to get Iridescent Shards is to play Dead By Daylight often and stay in each game as long as possible. Playing as the Killer and going AFK is no fun for anyone involved, so just play normal and don’t think about your Shards. On the flip side, don’t wipe out all of the survivors right away if you want the most experience possible from a match. It can be frustrating that the game primarily rewards players for time rather than the skill they show, but that’s the reality we have here. Sooner or later, they will accumulate over time.