All The Quarry endings, explained

Let’s tell some campfire stories.

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The Quarry has a lot of endings, but fortunately, there is only a handful to really concern yourself with. If you haven’t yet finished the game, you should probably stop reading now for sake of spoilers. Otherwise, you’ll find explanations of the game’s good, bad, and neutral endings below.

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Everyone survives

This is the best outcome you can get, of course. You’ll need to make everyone survive, which takes a particular set of steps and choices. Often a choice you make early in the game will pay off several chapters later. Follow our guide linked above, and you’ll get all nine camp counselors out alive.

This results in the unavoidable deaths of Silas and some members of the Hackett family — getting out alive requires some sacrifices. Shooting Silas lifts the werewolf curse, which of course will result in a very angry and disappointed Eliza just before the credits roll.

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Everyone dies

If you’re trying to get the worst possible ending, this is the way to go. Making everyone die also requires particular actions — you can’t just passively let people pass on. Follow that link to get the exact steps, which will result in the deaths of everyone.

This includes every counselor and member of the Hackett family, minus Caleb. As a result, Eliza will still be angry with you since the family is not fully wiped out.

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Everyone is infected

This ending requires the most specific actions of all. Every counselor has moments where they can be bitten and infected, and you’ll need to let it happen. See our guide on how to infect every character for specific details.

Getting this ending does technically mean keeping everyone alive, though they’ll spend the rest of their days as werewolves. This is also at the expense of sacrificing several members of the Hackett family. Eliza will be glad that Silas is alive, but you can’t kill the whole Hackett family while also pulling this off. If you actually want to make her happy, you’ll have to do a combination of killing off every member of the Hackett family and leaving Silas alive.

Other endings

That leads to the rest of the endings. You see, there are a massive number of them — 128, to be exact. It’s not realistic to see them all, but you don’t really need to. The game’s final moments show each character and describe their fate with text. After the three general endings detailed above, there are only combinations of players surviving, dying, or being infected individually.