How many endings are there in The Quarry? Answered

The short answer: a lot.

Image via Supermassive Games

The Quarry is the latest horror adventure from Supermassive Games. Its branching horror narrative has a ton of story possibilities and outcomes, leading to many different endings — 186 of them in fact. The number of endings in The Quarry is staggeringly high, so read on for a detailed explanation of how they’re attained. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead since we’re talking about endings.

Does The Quarry really have 186 different endings?

Yes, there really are that many endings in the game. That number sounds outlandish, but if we break down how those endings are grouped, it’ll start to make more sense.

The Quarry centers on nine camp counselors: Laura, Max, Jacob, Emma, Abi, Nick, Dylan, Ryan, and Kaitlyn. By the end of the night, all nine counselors can either be alive and healthy, alive and infected, or dead. These are the three broadest categories for all the endings. Mathematically, that already works out to 27 general possibilities, then you need to figure in variability like some characters being alive while others are dead.

Image via Supermassive Games

Beyond the nine camp counselors, The Quarry features the Hackett family: Chris, Kaylee, Caleb, Travis, Bobby, Jedidiah, and Constance. While their fates aren’t tied to any of the achievements/trophies for getting everyone out alive, killing everyone off, or infecting everyone, they do still add even more variables into the ending. By this point, you can hopefully see how the numbers are starting to add up exponentially.

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Here’s the kicker: those 186 different endings don’t mean 186 different scenes or big moments. The game ends with a bit of text to tell you each character’s fate. In that sense, the differences between all the endings are somewhat minor. Still, there are indeed nearly 200 permutations to see.

How do I unlock every ending in The Quarry?

If you really want to see them all, then you’ll need to take a massive amount of runs at the game — it’s not really a realistic goal. That said, we have guides on how to make everyone survive, how to make everyone die, and how to infect every character.