All Toxiclaw Cavern Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Hopefully the Mokoko Seeds aren’t poisoned.

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Toxiclaw Cavern is one of the earliest dungeons you’ll come across in Lost Ark, and it isn’t just home to bandits and barrels of poison. There are Mokoko Seeds here, too. Although you might have already found some Mokoko Seeds in Loghill before heading inside, there are almost as many to find in the cavern, which is a much smaller space. Like many later dungeons, though, it isn’t always possible to easily backtrack here. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get all these collectibles on your first pass so you don’t have to go through the whole thing a second time.

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All Mokoko Seeds in Toxiclaw Cavern

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None of these seeds are too hard to reach on their own, which is great if you’re new to the game and are still getting used to identifying them in the first place. The biggest challenge here is just picking them out in such a dimly lit environment.

Seed #1

The first seed here is just after the two jumps you do at the beginning of the cavern. You’ll find it on your left hand side.

Seeds #2 and #3

The second and third seeds are just down the passage you follow after finding the first seed. There’s a small chamber here, where you can both of them out in the open, sitting right next to each other.

Seed #4

The fourth seed is down another passage, and it’s also pretty much out in the open. As you reach this area, you’ll be ambushed by quite a few groups of enemies, so don’t be afraid to be patient. Prioritize staying alive, and pick up Mokoko Seeds once the coast is clear.

Seed #5

The fifth seed is just around the corner from the fourth seed, and just like with the fourth seed, you’ll probably run across quite a few enemies here too.

Seed #6

The sixth seed is a little farther into the cavern, just before the boss room at the end. There is, however, an especially tough enemy here that you should definitely defeat before worrying about the seed.