All villain locations in the Minecraft Batman crossover pack

Find Alfred by defeating the Dark Knight’s greatest foes.

Image via Mojang Studios

Batman and the Gotham Knights are in Minecraft, and they’ve brought with them their greatest enemies. Fight against the Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Firefly, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Riddler in the Minecraft cross-over with Gotham Knights. The cross-over DLC includes a brand-new Gotham map, where you can play as your favorite Gotham hero (except Red Hood for some reason) and travel the city to take down every supervillain. Each villain is in a specific location on the Gotham map, and it is up to you to go to each location to stop them.

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Every villain’s location in the Minecraft x Batman DLC pack

Image via Mojang

The story of the Minecraft and Batman crossover DLC pack is that Alfred has gone missing, and it is up to Batman and his friends to fight every bad guy to find his location. You begin the story mode with a map of Gotham City. Gotham is divided into five parts on your map, with each location containing at least one major area.

On the map, Wayne Manor and the Batcave are in the brown section, the Ace Chemical plant is in the blue section, Iceberg Lounge is in the purple section, the Botanical Gardens is in the green section, and the Industrial District is in the reddish brown section. Each villain’s location is marked on your map.

Listed below is each villain’s location in Gotham:

  • Mr. Freeze — Located at Ace Chemicals at the right-most part of Gotham.
  • Penguin — Located at the Iceberg Lounge in the top middle section of Gotham.
  • Clayface and Firefly — Both of these supervillains are working together. Both are located in the Industrial District at the top-left part of Gotham.
  • Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn — Harley and Ivy are paired up together like they usually are in other media. Both are located at the Botanical Gardens, which is bottom left on your Gotham map.
  • Joker — After defeating all the other supervillains, head back to the Batcave. You can build a portal that will take you to Arkham Asylum, which has been taken over by the Joker. Arkham Asylum does not appear on your map.
  • Riddler — Riddler puzzles are scattered throughout the map, and the Riddler is a skin.