How to find Criminal Strongholds in Gotham Knights

Sneak up on them at their base.

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There are Criminal Strongholds throughout Gotham. The many factions use these the inhabit the city, where they figure out their next steps before enacting their plans, or they might use it as a location to hide a particular associate. Unfortunately, these are hidden locations, so tracking them down isn’t so easy. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Criminal Strongholds in Gotham Knights.

Where to find Criminal Strongholds in Gotham Knights

Completing a crime scene is one of the best ways to track down a Criminal Stronghold. These are one of the many Premediated Crimes you can have to appear on your map of Gotham City. These can be completed by any of the four characters in Gotham Knights, and it occurs the same way. First, you’ll investigate a crime scene to go through all the available clues and try to piece together where the culprit went. Typically, at the end of these crime scenes, there’s a Criminal Stronghold you need to clear out because that’s where your suspect went to hide after committing the crime.

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These contain several enemies, and like the other crimes happening throughout Gotham, you’ll need to defeat every enemy at the location. There are a handful of bonus rewards you can earn if you complete specific objectives, but those vary for every Premeditated Crime you encounter in Gotham Knights.

One of the Penguin’s challenges is to clear out a Criminal Stronghold by finding one that is at difficulty Normal or higher. You’ll want to find a crime scene with this same difficulty to complete this challenge. Alternatively, for Mr. Freeze’s Case File, we could remove the Regulator’s Criminal Stronghold to progress his quest, which counted for Penguin’s challenge.

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If you don’t have any crime scenes on your map, you might want to interrogate some local informants to see what they’re planning or gather enough clues before returning to the Belfry. There’s a chance a crime scene will appear on nightly patrol, but it’s random.