All Weapon & Item Locations for Reactor in CoD Modern Warfare 3

There are 29 weapons and items for you to find during the Reactor mission in Modern Warfare 3, and this guide shows you them all.


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When it comes to completing the Open Combat Missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it’s all about finding every weapon and item on the map. These are hidden throughout the area, and tracking them down can add to your arsenal.

For the Reactor mission, there are 29 weapons and items you need to find. These will be hidden in buildings, and inside containers, and you may even have to maneuver a way to sneak into an area, using the environment to aid you. Here’s what you need to know about all weapon and item locations for Reactor in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Where To Find All Reactor Weapon & Item Locations in Modern Warfare 3

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You can find any of these weapons and items across the map while playing the Reactor mission. There are 29 unique weapons and items you need to find. You don’t have to add them to your arsenal for them to count, but you do need to find the orange container they are in while playing Modern Warfare 3. After you unlock the container, the weapon will count for you, and you can move on to the next one. Some of these weapons are better than others, such as finding Rare or Legendary versions of a weapon. It’s a similar process to the Precious Cargo mission.

You may need to repeat the mission to find all the weapons and items, but I do recommend finishing them on the first go in Modern Warfare 3. The best way to track down these weapons is searching around, and remaining on the lookout for the orange containers. You might recognize them from other Call of Duty game modes, such as Warzone.

These are all the weapons and items you can find while playing the Reactor mission in Modern Warfare 3, and their locations.

Weapon & Item LocationWeapon & Item Name
Anti-armor-Rounds-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Anti-Armor Rounds
Armor-Box-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Armor Box
Cronen-Squall-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Cronen Squall
Explosive-Crossbow-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Explosive Crossbow
Fennec-45-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Fennec 45
HCR-56-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3HCR 56
Heartbeat-sensor-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Heartbeat Sensor
Holger-26-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Holger 26
Hybrid-STB-556-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Hybrid STB 556
Incendiary-Bryson-800-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary Bryson 800
Incendiary-FJX-ImperiumIncendiary FJX Imperium
Incendiary-Haymaker-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary Haymaker
Incendiary-MCW-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary MCW
Incendiary-MTZ-Interceptor-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary MTZ Interceptor
Incendiary-Sakin-MG38-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary Sakin MG38
KV-Inhibitor-Location-in-Modern-Warfare-3KV Inhibitor
Munitions-Box-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Munitions Box
Silenced-Cor-45-Location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Cor-45
Silenced-Expedite-12-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Expedite 12
Silenced-Holger-556-Location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Holger 556
Silenced-Lachmann-Sub-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Lachmann Sub
Silenced-Vel-46-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Vel 46
Signal 50 location in Modern Warfare 3Signal 50
Snapshot-Pulse-location-in-Modern-Warfare-3Snapshot Pulse