All weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard

So much firepower…

Image via Activision

The World War 2 arsenal of Call of Duty: Vanguard will give history buffs and first-person shooter fans something to take delight in. This year, Activision provided a bevy of varying weapons to suit every taste. Now, look at this list, grab your gun, and get into the battlefield.

Assault Rifles

  • STG44
    • A balanced gun but doesn’t excel in any stat in particular)
  • Itra Burst (unlocks at Level 10)
    • Excellent at medium and long range, terrible up close
  • Bar (unlocks at Level 18)
    • Great at long-range but suffers in short-range combat with a low fire rate.
  • NZ-41 (unlocks at Level 24)
    • Fires a lot of heavy rounds but there is a high recoil. Activision suggests controlled bursts with this beefy rifle
  • Volk (unlocks at Level 30)
    • The smallest automatic rifle in the game. You can move quickly with it but it lacks control with a low accuracy rate.


  • M1928
    • Extra ammo for firing but low mobility and longer reloads
  • Sten
    • This weapon can be carried around easily but it has a low damage output and it can’t be controlled well.
  • MP-40 (unlocks at Level 16)
    • This is the most balanced SMG and is excellent in close range encounters


  • Revolving Shotgun
    • A long ranged shotgun but you need to hit the opponent twice. Reloading takes a jurassic amount of time as well.
  • Auto-loading shotgun (unlocks at Level 20)
    • A very short range option that fires fast but needs a lot of shots to kill


  • MG42
    • Bad at long range but it offers continious firing with a lot of ammo packing.
  • DP27 (unlocks at Level 12)
    • Great damage and accuracy at long range but keep it to burst fire. Activision says it offers “decent control for full-auto use” as well for short and medium range situations.
  • Bren (unlocks at Level 28)
    • Once again, this weapon is best used with short bursts for long range kills. It offers a lot of damage and accuracy for the user, however, despite its very high recoil and low mobility.

Rifles and Snipers

  • M1 Garand
    • The ol’ dependable. This is a strong rifle in combat as it can take out opponents with two well aimed shots at mid or long range. This is terrible at short ranged skirmishes.
  • 3-Line Rifle
    • The absolute heaviest weapon with horrible mobility. However, it can deliver one hit kills on almost every body part. The firepower is amazing on this gun.
  • Kar98k (unlocks at Level 26)
    • Low mobility but it is a neat balanced rifle that can take out foes with a single shot at long range. Be careful of this monster.


  • Machine Pistol
    • This pistol offers full-auto fire but it has a lot of recoil and the size of the magazine is puny.
  • Ratt (unlocks at Level 14)
    • This pistol is a fast back up to your primary weapon with a snappy fire rate. Activision says you can “fire as fast as you pull the trigger.”
  • 1911 (unlocks at Level 22)
    • This weapon is quick to draw and can be a great way to finish off your foe if you run out of primary ammo.


  • M1 Bazooka
    • This weapon is great against vehicles but is very slow to reload.
  • Panzerschreck (unlocks at Level 28)
    • The rockets that the launcher fires is larger than the M1 Bazooka and can be used for large areas and vehicles. Like the M1 Bazooka though, it is also slow to reload.


  • FS Fighting Knife (unlocks at Level 22)
    • A fast knife that can deal quiet deaths in the arena of war.