Are there followers or mercenaries in Diablo Immortal?

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Diablo Immortal features an extensive array of additions and new features compared to its predecessors. Cross-platform play, full PvP options, and a brand-new persistent online system. Several elements from Diablo III, such as rifts, have returned, and one unique feature, the followers and mercenary system, has not. This is who to expect as allies when exploring the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal.

Online allies instead of follows or mercenaries

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Developer Blizzard has altered some long-standing Diablo traditions in Immortal. One of the most significant changes is previous titles’ offline versus online nature. Diablo Immortal is a persistent, always online experience. With this change comes several others. Unlike previous Diablo titles, you are not the sole traveler in a hostile environment. Older games would allow for some co-op with friends, but the extent of the online ended there.

Diablo Immortal features several MMO components: other players on your server persisting outside of towns and outposts. The lack of NPC followers and mercenaries isn’t as impactful, as other players are constantly roaming the open world and can freely help and damage enemies you may encounter. Players are given several social options such as parties, warbands, and clans to create groups of allies to call upon when they’re in need.

Supporters and pets can replace followers or mercenaries

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For players who may not want to team up with other online members, Diablo immortal does have some alternative solutions.

Some main story quests will grant you a supporter. These supporters are usually named NPCs, and they will accompany you until their quest is complete. These supporters will fight but can’t be leveled or tinkered with in any shape or form.

The Necromancer class is the best solution for those not wanting to venture alone. The Necromancer is a powerful class capable of summoning several undead allies. It is possible to create a complete summoning build and travel with up to five or six pets at your side over the long haul.