Diablo Immortal’s Blood Knight Brings Fresh Destruction to Sanctuary

Prepare for a bloody good time with Diablo Immortal’s newest class.


Image via Blizzard

After nearly ten years, Diablo has introduced a new class for players to enjoy, the Blood Knight, and it’s available in Diablo Immortal right now.

The new class comes with its own unique playstyle, abilities, legendary items, and appearances, and it is a great addition for players of the free-to-play ARPG. This news gets better though, as the Blood Knight is free for everyone to dive into and play.

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The Blood Knight Is the First New Class to the Diablo Universe in Nearly 10 Years

Image via Blizzard

As of July 13, Diablo Immortal players can experience the newest class to the Diablo universe, the Blood Knight, a melee hybrid class with a dark and vampiric theme and a new way to slash the demonic enemies of humanity.

Blood Knights are created via an ancient ritual designed to stop victims of vampirism from becoming thralls, halting the curse and allowing them to tap into a vampire’s supernatural strength and agility to protect the people of Sanctuary.

As for playstyle, the Blood Knight is a mixture of melee and magic combat and uses a polearm as its primary weapon. Players can unleash powerful attacks that can efficiently dispatch groups of enemies and gain health and defensive shields to keep themselves engaged in the fight and provide some tanky defense. In addition to powerful attacks, they can also use several skills to drain enemies’ life and health, move around the battlefield, and disrupt the flow of battle with mists to confuse enemies and provide extra cover.

Their signature and arguably best feature is their Abomination Ultimate Skill. This sees them transform into an unholy creature and let their vampiric nature take over briefly, having them deal more damage with new moves that tear through enemies with ease.

For players who want to give this new class a try, they can do so right from the start of the game as this new class is free for everyone. Additionally, players who want to change their class can do so, with the bonus that the class change cooldown will be removed for the next three weeks, giving players plenty of time to try the class. On top of that, players can also enter the Crimson Plan, a three-week event that puts players in control of a Blood Knight and includes a cosmetic and legendary reward for completing it.

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With Diablo Immortal celebrating its first anniversary recently, this new class is a great way to cap off its first year on the market, alongside the slew of new legendary items for the Blood Knight. With more content and updates on the horizon, now would be an excellent time to dive in and try Diablo Immortal.