Blizzard Reveals Splintered Souls, The Next Update For Diablo Immortal Coming In December

Diablo Immortals next major update comes with a new region, content, and the introduction of Familiars.

Diablo_Immortal _ Splintered_Souls

Image via Diablo Immortal Youtube

Blizzard has revealed the next Diablo Immortal update, Splintered Souls, and with it comes a new story, content, and the introduction of Familiars to the free-to-play title. Players won’t have to wait long for the next update, as it is set to release sometime in mid-December.

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Players Can Expect New Content And Something Familiar In Upcoming Updates

The upcoming update, titled Splintered Souls, is expected to be released in mid-December and will be the biggest update to the game since the release of the Blood Knight earlier this year. With it, players can expect a slew of new content to enjoy in the free-to-play title.

The developers have released a teaser video that touches on the additions coming in this update, which includes the new story content that will take players into a new zone called the Southern Dreadlands. Players can also expect to encounter new enemies, bosses, Helliquary bosses, and PvP modes, as well as that precious loot that Diablo fans carve.

We also got confirmation that Familiars will be making its way into the game, which players can use to aid them in battle, evolve them, and improve their capabilities as they level up. They also seem to get cool new visuals as they improve, too.

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Of course, there will also be a new battle pass and new Phantom Markets for players to get, so expect new cosmetics and items to earn as you progress through the new region and content.

While the details were a little sparse, Diablo’s general manager Rod Fergusson said we can expect more information on this update “in the coming weeks,” which will likely shine a light on all the new content in more detail as players prepare for the next step in their Diablo Immortal journey. For now, players can jump in and enjoy the Bountiful Harvest event until it ends on December 1.