Are there left foot Skill Moves in FIFA 23?

Some players will see a notable change.

Image via EA Sports

Football players have often used their left foot as their primary shooting foot and some good ones to boot (no pun intended). Gareth Bale, Paulo Dybala, Mo Salah, and Lionel Messi are just some notable current footballers that use their left foot. Given that information, it’s fair to wonder whether FIFA 23 will include Skill Moves that use the left, and not just the right, foot. Let’s find out.

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According to the details shared in the July Gameplay Deep Dive, the FIFA developers confirmed that some Skill Moves in this year’s game will have variants that can be performed with a footballer’s left foot. The developers stated that they were aware that the FIFA gaming community has heavily requested this feature, and EA has made it a reality for FIFA 23.

This means that football players who have their left foot as their Strong foot, and not the weak foot, will use it to do the moves that have a variant.

Per the information provided by EA Sports in the Gameplay Deep Dive, here are the Skill Moves in FIFA 23 that have a left foot variant:

  • Elastico
  • Reverse Elastico
  • Triple Elastico
  • Drag Back (jog/sprint)
  • Simple Rainbow
  • Advanced Rainbow
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Flick Over (jog only)
  • Sombrero Flick
  • Flick Up to Self
  • Running Fake Drag

These are the moves that have been confirmed to be in FIFA 23 once the game is released this September. We should note, however, that this list may vary should EA at any point throughout FIFA 23’s lifecycle decide to add additional left foot Skill Move variants.