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How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23

Get powerful.

In a Gameplay Deep Dive in late July, the development team at EA Sports detailed some new features that will be coming to this year’s title, FIFA 23. One highlighted feature of FIFA 23 is a Power Shot. A Power Shot is a type of shot that, according to EA Sports, has been implemented to add another layer of skill to shooting. It is designed to reward players who move into open space and aim a shot precisely. So, how do you do a Power Shot in FIFA 23? Let’s take a look.

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To do a Power Shot in FIFA 23, users will need to use a three-button combo to get the job done. These controls are for both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms and for PC players, should those use an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Here is the button combo layout:

  • Xbox: LB + RB + B
  • PlayStation: L1 + R1 + Circle

EA Sports recommends that should players want to use the Power Shot function with a high degree of success, many factors must be considered. For one, a Power Shot should be attempted with plenty of free space, away from defenders. Power Shots require a “significant windup,” hence the recommendation from EA Sports and the FIFA development team.

Second, the aiming of the shot must, generally, be more precise than a traditional shot. Unlike default Assisted Shots, Power Shots rely heavily on the user’s aim in order to be successful.

The development team also noted that four attributes of a footballer affect the success of a Power Shot. Those four attributes are Shot Power, Finishing (should one be attempted in the box), Long Shots (should one be attempted out of the box), and Composure. These attributes affect the accuracy, speed, and aim of Power Shots.

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