Assassin’s Creed Mirage: All Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

To get the best weapons and outfits for Basim in Assassin’s Creed Mirage you’ll need to open a lot of Gear Chests.

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As you explore the Round City of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you’ll be able to unlock new gear for Basim to use. A lot of these items and upgrades can be obtained by finding and opening a Gear Chest, of which there are dozens spread across the various districts. Each Gear Chest contains a reward that will allow you to further customize your experience and adapt to the needs of your play style.

Some of these chests are in easy-to-reach locations, while others require a bit of problem-solving to acquire. If you’re looking to stack up on new weapons and outfits then here are all the Gear Chest locations and their rewards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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All Gear Chest Map Locations & Rewards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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There are 30 Gear Chests spread through the various districts of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage for you to collect. Each one will contain either a weapon, outfit, or upgrade schematic for Basim to use. Some of these can be easy to find and open, while others might be in more difficult locations to reach or require a key to open them.

Harbiyah Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

There are six Gear Chests to be discovered in Harbiyah. This is the region located to the North side of the Round City and is one of the locations I recommend you focus on exploring during your initial playthrough.

Gear Chest Map AreaLocationRewardReward Image
Metal FactoryZanj Uprising Sword
Upper HarborZanj Uprising Outfit
Khurasan Gate GuardhouseZanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A
Damascus Gate PrisonZanj Uprising Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A
Prince’s PalaceZanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A
Soap Boiler’s DistrictZanj Uprising Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A

Wilderness Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

There are nine Gear Chests in the Wilderness area surrounding the round city of Baghdad. This is the largest region to explore, but the chests will be close to landmarks so you won’t have to navigate too much from a fast travel point. The Wilderness region also has a secret underground area where you can turn in Mysterious Shards to unlock three Gear Chests.

Gear Chest Map AreaLocationRewardReward Image
Dur-KurigalzuHidden One Dagger
Spymaster’s CampHidden One Sword
Northern OasisThe Samasaama
Northern OasisShamshir-e Zomorrodnegar
Northern OasisMilad’s Outfit
Winter PalaceHidden One Dagger SchematicN/A
Southern CampHidden One Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A
Water MillHidden One Dagger SchematicN/A
Abandoned CaravanseraiHidden One Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A

Abbasiyah Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

You can open six Gear Chests in the region of Abbasiyah. This is located in the southwest of the city and is one place you can head to after you’ve cleared Harbiyah.

Gear Chest Map AreaLocationRewardReward Image
HammamZanj Uprising Dagger
House of WisdomAbbasid Knight Sword
ScriptoriumAbbasid Knight Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A
The Great BimaristanZanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade SchematicN/A
Scholar’s EstateAbbasid Knight Sword Upgrade SchematicN/A
The Four MarketsZanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade SchematicN/A

Karkh Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

Karkh has six Gear Chests to find in the southeast corner of the city. After finishing Harbiyah and the Wilderness this is another region you can start collecting in aside from Abbasiyah.

Gear Chest Map AreaLocationRewardReward Image
Monastery of the VirginsAbbasid Knight Outfit
The BazarAbbasid Knight Dagger
Tax Collector’s MansionAbbasid Knight Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A
Officers’ ClubAbbasid Knight Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A
The Great GarrisonAbbasid Knight Dagger Upgrade SchematicN/A
Qasar SalihAbbasid Knight Dagger Upgrade SchematicN/A

Round City Gear Chest Locations & Rewards

There are three Gear Chests to be found in Round City, which also happens to be the most deadly part of the map to explore. It is located right in the middle of Baghdad, and early on has guards trying to prevent you from entering. I climbed the walls to get into the Round City early and unlocked some fast travel locations while I was roaming around.

Gear Chest Map AreaLocationRewardReward Image
Al-Jahiz’s HouseHidden One Outfit
Mazalim CourtsHidden One Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A
Shurta HeadquartersHidden One Outfit Upgrade SchematicN/A