Automatic Love – Should you pick Angel or Skye – Cyberpunk 2077

Choices, choices.

Cyberpunk 2077 day one patch does not exist yet, confirms CD Projekt Red

Image Credits – CD Projekt Red

During the Automatic Love mission, you will be on the hunt for Evelyn, a contact from a former job. That job went wrong, and you need to find Evelyn to find out who hired her. With what you know about the job, it has to be have been someone important, and you hope they can get your out of your current jam.

Judy will send you to a place called Clouds, a second-rate rate pleasure-palace in a rundown highrise, in search of Evelyn, who works there. Judy will ask you to keep in touch about Evelyn, and this is something you should do when you can.

When you arrive at Clouds you will have no choice but to make your way inside as a customer. This means paying and giving up your guns as well. This will be important later.

The receptions will scan you, and you will have two options for a doll, Angel or Skye. If you are wondering which one you should pick, just go with your personal preference. Your choice at his point won’t affect the game in any way. You will go to a room where your doll is waiting and can talk to them.

We suggest delving deep into this conversation, it is actually quite interesting, and is perhaps the closest the game comes to exploring true themes of Cyberpunk literature in the early hours. You can use your assigned safeword at any time, but hopefully, you will listen through the whole conversation. In the story, it seems to be good for V to have a talk with the doll. Eventually, you need to use your safeword to be able to question the doll properly.

The important thing to keep in mind is that which doll you pick doesn’t matter, both Angel and Skye will give you the same information at the end of the encounter.