How to complete Act 1 – Search & Rescue in Back 4 Blood

Find more survivors.

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After clearing The Devil’s Return in Back 4 Blood, our four Cleaners will find themselves in a military base. A subsequent cutscene will show you the new characters you’ve unlocked, assuming you finished the first section in campaign mode. Next up, you’re going to have to head to town. Here’s our guide to help you complete Act 1 – Search & Rescue in Back 4 Blood. We’ll discuss missions such as A Clean Sweep, Book Worms, and Bar Room Blitz.

Back 4 Blood: Act 1 – Search & Rescue guide

We’ll outline the steps and what you can expect in the missions included in Act 1 – Search & Rescue in Back 4 Blood. Just remember that the Director will throw a few challenges along the way, too.

A Clean Sweep

Exit the safe house and open the town’s gate. As you walk further along the street, the Breaker boss will likely spawn here. Stay a bit further away from it and shoot its weak spots.

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After the Breaker is killed, your team needs to rescue the remaining survivors. You’ll find them inside a building off to the left-hand side. Opening the garage door alerts the horde, so be ready.

Take a look inside and interact with the trapped individuals to free them. Once you’re done, return to the safe house that you just passed.

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Book Worms

Your initial objective in the library is to board up the windows. While you’re doing this, several infected will continue to spawn. After the library is fortified, you can head outside.

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Along the next street, you’ll see McGowan’s Hamburgers and the safe house beyond that. You can’t enter it yet because you still need to rescue survivors. Head to the alleyway to the left of the safe house until you find the Haven Apartments.

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If you check the landing, you can shoot the gasoline tanks to blow open the basement door. Inside this building are several trapped civilians here that you need to free. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to enter the safe house.

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Bar Room Blitz

This already counts as the finale for Act I – Search & Rescue in Back 4 Blood. That means you’ll want to avoid character deaths (not incapacitation) as revives are disabled. Our initial task here is to enter Keel’s Bar.

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Inside, you’ll find a jukebox that will cause waves of Ridden to come swarming in. The usual horde survival tactics apply here. Try to find a corner or a small room and play defensively (the room that can be opened with a tool kit works well here).

Groups of survivors will be loaded by bus and, periodically, the jukebox will stop working to notify you that there’s a brand new wave. Reactivate it and take out the undead. After all civilians have left, run outside and ride the humvee to conclude the level.

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