Baldur’s Gate 3: All Laff Riot Constent Joke Answers for the Elfsong Tavern in BG3

Find out how to win Baldur’s Gate 3 Laff Riot Contest against Willoughby in the Elfsong Tavern to be the best comedian in the Forgotten Realms.

All Correct Answers for Laff Riot in Baldur's Gate 3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 offers some pretty funny dialogue choices. From “baa-ing” at sheep to yelling at a librarian when she asks for silence, being a troll is fun. Now, thanks to the Laff Riot Contest, there’s a chance that the entire world will find out just how funny you are. Or, how terrible your taste in jokes is. Here is every correct joke to win the Laff Riot Contest against Willoughby in the Elfsong Tavern.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Win the Laff Riot Contest in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Win Laff Riot
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Harvard Willoughby wears a cowboy hat and a monocle. Naturally, the man’s a comedian. He holds a contest called the Laff Riot with any volunteer willing to participate. Though his jokes are not that bad, he gets a kick out of making other contestants feel bad about their jokes. 

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Generally speaking, to win the Laff Riot Contest, avoid religious or politically heavy jokes. Here’s a complete rundown of every joke that will get a laugh from the crowd:

Willoughby’s SpeechJoke
Your turn, Smart Stuff. Knock ’em dead! … But not literally, got me?Willoughby the comedian, folks! Were his jokes good, or did he just smell funny?
Agh! Got me with an ancient jest that’s older than I am.I tried sleeping with a dragonborn the other night, but it didn’t work – he had a reptile dysfunction.
Win or lose, I’m stealing that one.Our cleric tried to cast Healing Word on a ham, but it was already cured.

After a round of hilarious jokes, the crowd will cheer and applaud. On the other hand, Harvard Willoughby will ask that you leave before he gets fired.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone around willing to hire me as a full-time comedian. I guess I’m back to killing the three devils, then.