Baldur’s Gate 3 Arcane Tower: Defeat Arcane Turrets, Repair the Elevator & All Secrets in BG3

This BG3 Arcane Tower guide covers how to defeat Arcane Turrets, fix the elevators, and all secrets within in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Arcane Tower Entrance Baldur's Gate 3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Underdark holds surprising treasures beyond imagination. In addition to deadly foes like the Spectator, this underground area is home to abundant rare loot, a brand new fungal species, and this secretive place known as the Arcane Tower. Near the Selûnite Outpost, this Frankenstein-like lab demands players to conquer Arcane Turrets, fix mechanical elevators, and stay vigilant across its 4 floors to unveil its secrets.

How to Find the Arcane Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3

Arcane Tower Location BG3
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Perhaps Mind Flayer Omeluum mentioned this secluded Arcane Tower place during your visit to the Myconid Colony. The Arcane Tower’s location lies southwest of the Selûnite Outpost. 

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Use the broken gate at the Selûnite Outpost‘s left to start the descent toward the Arcane Tower. Past some Drow and this one-eyed beast lies an area guarded by several laser-targeting Arcane Turrets. 

Disable the Arcane Turrets & Fix the Arcane Tower’s Elevator in Baldur’s Gate 3

The BG3 Arcane Turrets are tough cookies, shrugging off elements and physical attacks. Their laser beams pierce through any defense with a broad reach. Instead of a head-on clash, how about disarming these formidable foes?

Though they can’t be disarmed like any other trap, there’s a way to shut down all Arcane Turrets. Plus, this method repairs the elevator in the tower, too. The catch? This lifesaver mechanism lies within the very heart of the Arcane Tower.

Follow these steps to deactivate the Arcane Turrets inside and outside the Arcane Tower:

Ungroup is the character with the most mobility in the party. My infiltrator of choice was Astarion, mainly because he can Misty Step and vanish from any predicament.
In turn-based mode, use Hide to stealthily cover the path to the left, jumping directly to the second floor. There’s a second turret right ahead, so avoid being found until necessary. End the first turn here.
Use every mobility tool to get behind the turret up ahead. Then, jump to the mushroom that’s in front of it. If possible, sprint forward and stay out of the laser’s reach. End the second turn here and exit turn-based mode.
Keep descending through the red mushrooms and land on the beaming blue mushroom on the right. 
Make one final jump to land on safe ground. At the end of this corridor lies a garden with two Sussur Blooms. Collect only one and head to the door behind.
Two options on the table: either pick the lock on the door or take the corridor’s hole shortcut to get into the Arcane Tower’s first floor. Since I was controlling Astarion, lockpicking was the way to go.
Once inside, look for the Power Generator at the end of the room. Combine the Power Generator with the Sussur Bloom from the garden to disable all Arcane Turrets outside and inside the Arcane Tower. This also repairs the broken elevator within the tower, which means all floors are accessible.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Every Arcane Tower Floor & Secret in BG3

BG3 Arcane Tower Secrets
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Arcane Tower FloorLoot & Secrets
1– Common Alchemy Materials
– Elixirs and Potions
– Power Generator
2– Timmask Spores
– Tongue of Madness
– Gilded Chest
3– Broken Machinery
– Engines
4– Scroll of Mage Armor
– Scroll of Darkvision
– Scroll of See Invisibility
– Scroll of Haste
– Strange “broken” button